Sunday, July 7, 2013

In my heart today ♥

This is my grandma. She passed away a year ago.
Love her.  Miss her.


Bubbles said...

I am sorry about your Grandma, Aimee. Each person is so special, and some losses leave a terrible hole in our hearts. I wish that I could talk to my grandparents just one more (or two more) times. So many questions, about this life, etc.

Bubbles said...

Is my dad really becoming religious? Then I don't know him? Or a lot of other people. Did he really go to Western Governors University? I love Matt, and I always will!! He is maturing so fast, and he shares so much with me. He deserves so much. What did dad's father say about his work habits? What on earth did they talk about? What was great-grandpa Marble like? I would love to hear Dad's stories, again. He even has some new ones. I like the family love of story books, and stories. I wish that I could tell a story more like he does. Like Grandma Whipple did, too. I wish that I knew how to really entertain the kids, like Lauria does. They love her so much, and no one will ever take her place. What do I have to offer? A gingerbread house? And then what? They are wonderful kids, and I wish that I could deserve them. How does it work? Do kids like to decorate? (and how!!) Can we read together? Can we tickle? Your kids are so cute, you must have lots of ideas. Your mother-in-law is a treasure. She loves her grandkids, and she can be so fun. It makes more sense to love someone when they are alive! Maybe I can surprise the kids? I hope so! I have another surprise coming, too.

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