Monday, April 2, 2012

Bye, Bye, Long Locks

Almost a year ago, Jake quit cutting his hair.

The last time he cut it was the 2nd to last guard drill that he went to.

It has gotten longer and longer.  He loves it, especially flipping it around.

He is also experiencing things I (and most girls) have experienced for a long time: brushing long hair, the need for conditioner, blow dryers, and most notably, going through stages of letting your hair grow out.  Ya, it takes patience.

In January he let the girls (with my help) put pony tails in his hair.

It was fun!  I was hoping Jake would show the girls how to be tough when taking out a hair elastic, but instead he sympathized with them. (We have since bought different hair elastics to help ease the pain.)

Here we are in all our long locks glory in rare photo of both of us together.

Then the inevitable happened.

The scissors had to come out.

And just like that the long locks were gone.

And by that I mean mine were.

Jake's hair is still going strong growing long.  He is almost to a stage where he can put in in one ponytail in the back.  Not quite though.  If he cut bangs he could.  But let's not suggest that to him, okay?

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Michael and Kelsey said...

holy moly! its still growing! i hope this is a phase?? and your hair looks cute short, love it!

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