Tuesday, April 3, 2012

April Fools

  • Mess up calendar - check
  • Hide food coloring under cereal  - check! (didn't work too well though)
  • Paint the bar of soap in the shower with clear nail polish so it won't lather - check!! (nice one!)
  • Make a really great April Fools Dinner - check!!!
Dinner was pie.

Luscious layers of "dessert".

Then for dessert we started with some mixed veggies.

Added some chicken.

And potatoes
Put it in a pie crust with some gravy
and we got "Chicken Pie" for dessert.

Sweet Pea 1 was supper confused all day, but mainly worried why I was going off my rocker for dinner.
Sweet Pea 2 just went with the flow.
The Pizza Guy was just happy to have married his crazy wife.
Hey I fooled even him with the veggies.

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