Friday, August 12, 2011

Story of The Jetty and The End

Last night we took the girls out to the beach. It was kind of cold so we just wore flip flops and took sweatshirts. When we got there we decided to walk along the rocky jetty. It was hard to navigate as an adult, and even harder with a kid in tow. Jake was carrying Norah on his shoulders, and I was trying to teach Helen how to step on the flat rocks. After watching some amazing party yachts all decked out with lights, we decided to head back to shore.

I was telling Helen how we needed to be so careful and started to tell her about grandma's young neighbor girl who just broke her arm, when all of a sudden I lost my footing and my feet slid on the sandy rock. They flipped right out from under me. I landed full force on my tailbone on a rock. I was holding Helen's hand, so down she came too. Jake and Norah came to us. I told Jake to take Helen, who was crying but thankfully not hurt, so I could try and get up. I got up, and I think I took Helen's hand to get going. It was getting dark. We only walked a couple of rocks more, but it felt like a couple hundred yards.

Now at this point anyone who knows me should really think to themselves, "What does Aimee do when she hits a bone really hard? Hmm." As I kneel down on a flattish rock among the jagged terrain and waves crashing on both sides, I tell Jake, "I am going to pass out."

Insert Jake's description here: He said my eyes rolled down, but never shut.

I came to a few moments later with Jake holding both girls. Jake said it was less than a minute. The second thing I noticed was the waves were getting higher, the first being how weird passing out felt after not having done so in a while. Jake then asked me if I was going to pass out. I told him I was just coming to. He then said, "Kay, we've got to get out of here."

I slowly helped my pasty-white self and Helen back. Once again I almost knelt and kissed the land once we got there, but kneeling and my bruised tailbone weren't agreeing. As the minutes passed my waddle/shuffle became slower. Jake, with Norah on his shoulders, got ahead of us to go bring the car back. Helen was my super buddy walking slowly with me.

It was a long ride home, partially because Jake was kind and going slow over every bump, mostly because of pain in my dairy air. On the way I told Jake I wanted some ice cream. He said, "For your butt?" I said, "No, for my misery."  He went in the store while I stood by the car (sitting = not so much fun). Norah was sleeping in her car seat.  Jake bought three flavors.

I took some pain meds, and the three of us still awake ate some ice cream. Then we went to bed. I remember waking up a little bit later and asking Jake why I felt like I did, and then asking again why I felt fuzzy. Both times he told me it was because I had taken some pain killers. I knew that, but the meds were working so well I couldn't form the right question. I couldn't remember what I had hurt because I couldn't feel any pain, so I was trying to ask what I took the pain meds for. Then I rolled over and quickly remembered the whole thing.

Things are slow moving now. Don't worry, the pain meds allow me to still see rainbows everyday in California.

Pardon me while I hand this book to Jake, sit around on cushy thrones (yep, every meal is in the living room for a week) or lay around all day and call for someone to bring me a goblet of something cold and refreshing.

Does anyone have a fiddle?

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Party Life

I couldn't quite figure out what to name this post. Other options were: "Life's One Big Party", "Work Party", "The Never-Ending Party", "Moving to California = Parties" or "Party Like It is 2011".

Since moving to California we have had more social parties and the such going on, that my girls are starting think we there is a party every week. Haha.

The first week we were here we spent half the week in a hotel and ate out too much.The second we we spent the whole week in San Diego with my family (a long party).The third week here we were invited to an amazing birthday party for someone in our ward, blow up slide, jump house, pool, pinata, and all.  This last week Jake had his work's summer social with a Hoedown theme. Here is a re-cap of what we did.

We got there later than planned - Jill Jekyll (GPS who transforms from good to bad without our discretion) took us for a trip. So once we got there, we headed straight for the dinner line.  It was a great line up of fruit salad, potato salad, pasta salad, baked beans, and BBQ chicken or hamburgers with all the fixin's.

After dinner the girls had their faces painted,
a butterfly for Helen & Hello Kitty for Norah.

Then each of the girls took a turn with daddy
going down the gigantic slide.
Helen and I did a relay race with a yellow balloon, but we didn't get any pictures taken.
We did win 3rd place though.  Prize = 2 bags
We threw the outlaws into jail.

We went for a boat ride.
We stumbled across a game of shucking corn. I thought "Shucking corn, is that all?  I can do that!"  I was totally thinking they were going to throw a clause in at the end saying you had to do it with you teeth or something.  Nope, just shucking corn.  I won 1st place.
Helen & Aimee shucking some corn.
Then Jake and Helen did the lasso game.  They made it to the final round against an adult couple.  Helen was able to make the lasso over Jake's head, but Jake didn't quite get it all the way onto Helen's so they scored 2nd place (a bubble blower - which has since been hid and forgotten so don't mention it to her)
Jake & Helen kicking some trash at the lasso game.

Then we went fishing.
The assumed way-over-fed fish weren't biting this night.
Then we did some miniature golf. Sorry, all the pictures turned out blurry.

Ferris wheel aka 
I was internally thinking "Oh shoot." for 15 straight minutes, all the while grasping onto Helen for dear life and reminding Jake to do the same with Norah. All he wanted was me to turn around while at the top and look at the lake behind us. No.Thank.You.
I didn't swear once though, and may or may not have kissed the ground when I got off.  I figure it made my Ferris wheel quota for the next 10 years and then I'll be too old. I know I am a wuse.

My expression is totally fake.
The other three really did enjoy the ride.

They gave us the decorations when it was
time to head home.
The whole time we were eating filling up on popcorn, cookies, ice cream.  Thanks G! :)

And the fun/party isn't over yet...this week we are headed to the county fair. :)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Last night for Family Home Evening we went to a park for a picnic and then went kite flying. Helen has been dying to fly her kite and we couldn't get enough wind a the park near our house so we headed to the beach.

The park we went to near the beach has become our favorite park for family outings as of last night. It is perfect in every way, but one - there is hardly any parking. So after driving around for awhile trying to find a parking spot, and even going down a one way street the wrong way, we were able to unload the kids and the picnic basket and go eat dinner. The girls had hardly any interest in dinner because the jungle gym was way more inviting.

That is Helen on the slide.

Dinner was delicious.  Jake said he was full, but wanted to keep eating because everything tasted so good. The man playing basketball near us commented to us how fun that was that we were picnic-ing.  Another man walking his dog told us he liked what we doing (having a picnic) and said something like "I didn't know people still did that").  I whispered to Jake "Do Californians not picnic? I thought that's what you did when you had year-round good weather."
The menu

Jake enjoying dinner

Norah eating in between playing

We had such a wonderful time. I got a little chilly near the end and wished I had brought my sweatshirt.  Helen reminded me that it doesn't get cold in California. Something tells me she has been listening to me. The poor girl has been wearing a robe or jacket almost all the time. I have to remind her she doesn't need to wear a jacket to the store - it's not cold outside.

A hibiscus flower on our walk to the beach

We packed up the picnic basket and left it in the car and walked a block to the beach to fly the kite.  It was gorgeous. The girls had fun flying the kite. Norah takes her kite flying serious. She was also sad that we weren't getting in the water.  Helen loved flying the kite was just happy to be at the beach with the sand in her toes.

Arriving at the beach

Getting ready to let it go

Running after daddy

Norah flying the kite by herself

It help when the girls finally realized to run away from the kite to keep it up.

I took a turn before we called it a night.
I'm already planning the menu and activity for our next picnic.

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