Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Beach, Chores, & Adjusting

Crystal Cove State Park: The girls first time to the beach.
(Other than Rigby Lake, which Helen calls the beach)
Like I said yesterday, we have most of the unpacking done. I figure now is probably a good time to start regular housework. Sure I've done a batch of laundry here and there, and dishes everyday we've been at home, but it is time to do things like dust (everything is dusty from the moving truck), clean mirrors (instead of one skinny one and a small bathroom one I now have 1 small bathroom one, 1 decorative mirror, 2 large bathroom ones, 4 full humongous sized closet door ones, and 5 medicine cabinet mirrors), and vacuum (I knew it needed to be done, but when Jake suggested we should run a vacuum through the place, I really knew it was time).

I whipped out my chore chart this morning, updated it a little bit, and am going to start using it as best as I can right now. It is going to need tweaking to fit this house and our new schedule. But it is a good start to keep me organized. I still need to go through the last of the few boxes. I got a good head way done on the office boxes yesterday. There is still a lot to do in that room.

In other news Norah got moved from a toddler bed back to a crib. She No one has been sleeping good since she wakes up cries as she falls out 3 or 4 times a night. Yesterday was the last straw because she was being SUPER grumpy and down right mean. I couldn't get her to nap for anything.  So back up the crib went.  We all slept wonderfully last night.  Here's to hoping today's nap, being the first in this house, will also go down so well.

Helen has also done very well with the adjusting.  She didn't have one potty accident the whole time we were with cousins.  Thanks to the power of suggestion, she had to go every time one of them did.  She probably felt she was in with the "in crowd" instead of like she was going to miss out on something.  She has had only two accidents since then and for the most part has taken herself potty without being reminded.

p.s.  Sorry the picture has a smudge.  Didn't know, and this is the only photo I took that day.

Monday, July 25, 2011

New life starts now.

Jake starts work today. Well, he started work last week at an orientation in San Francisco area for the whole week. The girls and I were gone on a vacation with my family, so it feels like today is the real start day.

At his orientation, snacks were provided. There was, among many other things, oysters on the half shell. Pretty much employees at Google, Googlers as the call themselves or in Jake's case, Nooglers (because he is new) are treated very well.

Here is our new home on move in day. We worked hard for 5 days and got mostly unpacked so life could return to normalcy once we got home from our week-long destinations. All that is left to unpack is most of the office/guest room and 4 random boxes. That is pretty good for 5 days, I'd say. Of course the organization of things may change in the kitchen or bathrooms as we go on. But I considered ourselves settled enough we can get on with routine.

I haven't taken any pictures since we unpacked. I still have some finishing touches to do, so I am holding off until rooms are good looking. Just because most everything is unpacked and put away, doesn't mean it looks good.

Front of home.
Living room.
Entry is between stairs and wall on far left, dining on far right.
Kitchen (sans refrigerator, we have since rented one).

Bedroom on main level at end of hall.
Weird that it has the garage access though.
We turned it into a playroom for the girls.

Master bedroom across the hall from playroom,
but still at end of hall.
We are using this as the office & guest room.
Looking other way in office.  It has it's own 3/4 bath.
Master bedroom upstairs.
Looking other way in master bedroom.
Office upstairs.  We turned into the girls' bedroom.
Norah loves the rainbows the stained glass makes in the afternoon.
Helen thinks it is a princess window.
Other side of girls' room.
The backyard 'tis wonderful.
So the main level has the entry, the living room, dining room, kitchen, office (with attached 3/4 bathroom), playroom, full bath, laundry, & garage.  I spared you pictures of the last three as I am sure your imagination can figure out what is in each of these spaces.  Upstairs has the master bedroom (with attached full bath), and the girls' bedroom.

And now we start our new adventure, making this place feel like home, and creating life memories.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Styles - Art Deco

I don't know much about interior design, but I do love learning about different styles.  I also love homes that architectural and interior design match.  A favorite book about this is Creating a New Old House.

I've been looking at the Art Deco style lately.  It is probably not my first choice in style, but if I had the right house in California, where it fits in, I could do it.

There are two really great ceiling lights on this blog post by Pat and Paul go traveling, too.

And here is a HGTV video (I personally don't like the room outcome, but the building in the intro are cool.)

In the end, it is probably not my style.  But is looks cool anyway.

Mission Organize Apartment