Sunday, February 6, 2011


I really need some of this

with lots of this

and none of this.

I have been scouring,, for a good deal.  Haven't found a great deal in our student price range yet.  But I haven't given up.

At the moment my oldest is dancing to My Turn on Earth like I did as a kid.  She is pretty dang good at following too.  The tear in my eye may or may not be from my cold/flu.

♥ you, Sugarbug.

Here's a picture of her taken a week or so ago. (I didn't want to embarrass her by taking a picture because she'd stop dancing.)

That picture is sotc, btw. hehe

So, where do you shop for travel deals??

Saturday, February 5, 2011


Sipping Thera-Flu just isn't the same as sipping hot chocolate on a cold winter's night.  But I am desperate to feel better.  The day-time Thera-Flu has more drugs than the day-time cold & sinus stuff I have.  Now I will go and refresh my memory why I haven't had this stuff since my mission. Blech.

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