Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick or Treat

We carved pumpkins last night.

 Here's what they look like tonight all lit up.

The 31st always is a whirlwind of celebrations around here. We started the day off with a Googleween party.  The girls wore their costumes.  I wore some butterfly wings, but didn't get a picture taken of me.

Jake dressed as a redneck, moonshine and all.

Oh wait, you want to see it without night vision?

Ya, when I was looking at the pictures to vote on costumes, I didn't recognize him either.  Somehow he pulls this off way too easily.  Note the hair sticking out from behind his neck - he was real proud of that one.
Here he is sporting the redneck look while taking out the trash.
circa July 2010

After preschool we baked a cake, ate a birthday dinner of superb pizza, and got ready for Trick or Treating. 

 Examining the loot.  Sorry the picture of Nor is blurry; it is really dark in our house and the shutter speed was really slow.
Just as we were going to quit handing out candy one more person knocked on the door.  It was an old man in a mask giving candy to us.  He scared the girls quite a bit, but after he pulled of his mask, they started to warm up to this guy they call "Grandpa" or "Tappa" (Nor's word for grandpa).  It was so fun to surprise the girls and Jake that my dad is in L.A. for a work conference and was able to come down for a visit.

Then to wash all the Halloween paint off we had a glowing bath.  So fun.


Katy said...

How fun! I love the neck hair -thats awesome! You guys are always so creative! I love the glow stick bath!-I'm totally going to have to steal this one!Glad it was fun!

Michael and Kelsey said...

the girls look so cute! looks like such a fun time

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