Monday, October 24, 2011

House Guests Welcome...Most of Them Anyway

We've now been settled in our home for 3 months and we like it here.  The neighborhood feels more and more like home.  Jake also let me know the other night when I was giving him directions that I know my way around town more than he does.

We have had a few guests try to stay at our place, but we've kicked them out as fast as we could, mainly because they are not of the Homo sapiens species.  Shall we explain?

First of all there are the ants.  I almost curse them almost every day.  If they get in my sugar one more time...!  Okay, I get it, I am solving that part of the problem tomorrow by buying some more airtight containers.  We win most battles (only two sugar incidents count as losses - one of them being as I was whipping up Norah's birthday cake).  Alas, I fear the war is not over with these guests.  Seems everybody we talk to has the same battles going on.  "Oh, ya, ants."

Then there was this lil fella.  He was first spotted by the girls who called him a snake, for lack of a better word on their part.  I spun around pretty fast when they said that.  We don't know that he was a gecko or not, his legs were pretty stinkin' small for his body size.  you could barely see them.  I'm sure he was harmless, but I don't like reptiles in my house, thank you very much.

 We kept an eye out for where he was until Jake got home and caught him. We let him go outside.

Not long after the lizard, we had our third encounter with our third type of guest.  The first time went something like this: Norah brought a glob of something and said "Yucky."  I couldn't figure out what it was.  It looked like a bad snot glob but it had a definite pattern in the parts that weren't squished.  I thought maybe it was a worm of some kind, hoping it didn't crawl out of her bum.  She had happened to take off her own diaper the same morning she brought it to me.  Jake didn't think it was alive, just something gross. I found the second one on the floor in the living room, again on a morning Norah tried to change her own diaper.


The third encounter was when Jake stepped in one.  We were cleaning his foot and discussing whether it was poop or snot or what the heck it could be, what it came from, and how it got in our house, when it moved.  I watched it as it started to move on the carpet.  Ya that was exciting (not in a good way).  Jake told me to put it a plastic bag and call the extension office.  I left a message with the extension office, but before they could get back to me I figured out what it was through a google search (a lot easier when you have a whole, un-squished one). They are called hammerhead worms.  They are gross.

We had one more encounter when I stepped on one.  They haven't come since it cooled off a little outside and Jake sprayed for bugs.  Don't know which did the trick, just glad they aren't in our house anymore.  I still scan the living room floor every morning though.

On the brighter side, we would love to invite all of our families and friends to come stay with us.  We have an office a guest room with attached bath that we can set up for you when you come.  We serve meals as long as you eat whatever we are having for dinner.  We also have a couch and lots of floor space if you bring your own sleeping bags.  There are a lot of wonderful attractions including the beach with warm sunshine and a 10-letter D word that my kids don't know about yet.  We'd love to have you come!

Here is what the office/guest room looked like last seen on the blog:

And here it is now.  Normally the air mattress isn't blown up and the chair and nightstand are in that spot against the wall.  And I usually have some sort of project going on my desk.  The only thing left that I really want to do to this room is paint the chairs and get a shade for the floor lamp (it was a hand-me-down from the last tenants).

We are having our first guest try out our digs this Thursday.  We can't wait to see you Grandma Nani!  We'll get a full report from her on how our accommodations are.  Pretty sure she'll give us at least 3 stars. ;)


HeidiPie said...

Pretty great digs! I'll come stay. ;)
Nice "tenants" that's pretty gross and annoying. We have black grasshoppers and asian lady beetles. Very pesky...and the lady beetles we find them flying around the house or on the ceilings and hundreds outside windows...keep spraying, hopefully all our unwanted visitors will be gone soon.

Our Family said...

we would LOVE to come stay with you sometime! we'll have to try to plan a trip to sunny cali! :)

Our Family said...

this is katie sommer by the way! :O

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