Friday, August 12, 2011

Story of The Jetty and The End

Last night we took the girls out to the beach. It was kind of cold so we just wore flip flops and took sweatshirts. When we got there we decided to walk along the rocky jetty. It was hard to navigate as an adult, and even harder with a kid in tow. Jake was carrying Norah on his shoulders, and I was trying to teach Helen how to step on the flat rocks. After watching some amazing party yachts all decked out with lights, we decided to head back to shore.

I was telling Helen how we needed to be so careful and started to tell her about grandma's young neighbor girl who just broke her arm, when all of a sudden I lost my footing and my feet slid on the sandy rock. They flipped right out from under me. I landed full force on my tailbone on a rock. I was holding Helen's hand, so down she came too. Jake and Norah came to us. I told Jake to take Helen, who was crying but thankfully not hurt, so I could try and get up. I got up, and I think I took Helen's hand to get going. It was getting dark. We only walked a couple of rocks more, but it felt like a couple hundred yards.

Now at this point anyone who knows me should really think to themselves, "What does Aimee do when she hits a bone really hard? Hmm." As I kneel down on a flattish rock among the jagged terrain and waves crashing on both sides, I tell Jake, "I am going to pass out."

Insert Jake's description here: He said my eyes rolled down, but never shut.

I came to a few moments later with Jake holding both girls. Jake said it was less than a minute. The second thing I noticed was the waves were getting higher, the first being how weird passing out felt after not having done so in a while. Jake then asked me if I was going to pass out. I told him I was just coming to. He then said, "Kay, we've got to get out of here."

I slowly helped my pasty-white self and Helen back. Once again I almost knelt and kissed the land once we got there, but kneeling and my bruised tailbone weren't agreeing. As the minutes passed my waddle/shuffle became slower. Jake, with Norah on his shoulders, got ahead of us to go bring the car back. Helen was my super buddy walking slowly with me.

It was a long ride home, partially because Jake was kind and going slow over every bump, mostly because of pain in my dairy air. On the way I told Jake I wanted some ice cream. He said, "For your butt?" I said, "No, for my misery."  He went in the store while I stood by the car (sitting = not so much fun). Norah was sleeping in her car seat.  Jake bought three flavors.

I took some pain meds, and the three of us still awake ate some ice cream. Then we went to bed. I remember waking up a little bit later and asking Jake why I felt like I did, and then asking again why I felt fuzzy. Both times he told me it was because I had taken some pain killers. I knew that, but the meds were working so well I couldn't form the right question. I couldn't remember what I had hurt because I couldn't feel any pain, so I was trying to ask what I took the pain meds for. Then I rolled over and quickly remembered the whole thing.

Things are slow moving now. Don't worry, the pain meds allow me to still see rainbows everyday in California.

Pardon me while I hand this book to Jake, sit around on cushy thrones (yep, every meal is in the living room for a week) or lay around all day and call for someone to bring me a goblet of something cold and refreshing.

Does anyone have a fiddle?


Megan said...

I love the recipe book, I think I need to get that for Ben. :) I still can't get over how crazy it is that you faint when you hit a bone... I hope you get feeling better!

HeidiPie said...

Oh, poor girl. I feel for ya!! I wish I was there to help you out!
I think we black out because of the pain and maybe not breathing. When we get hurt somewhere that hurts a lot, we tend to skip the breathing thing... so the blacking out is a defense mechanism. I coiuld be totally wrong, but it makes sense to me. I also need that book for my husband.
LOL - ice cream for your butt. =)

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