Monday, May 23, 2011

Almost Moving Meals

So I am in full throttle of cleaning out my fridge/freezer in preparation for moving.  I've got 4 weeks to use up stuff in there before it gets pitched or given to family living close to us.  So here is what I have planned and what each meal includes that I am trying to use before we move.
Mini Hamburgers
- photo taken a long time ago

Monday - Pork Chops & Rice
(pork chops from the freezer, Worcestershire sauce from the fridge)
Tuesday - BBQ Hamburgers
(hamburger from the freezer, BBQ sauce & mayo from the fridge)
Wednesday - Mac & Cheese
(ham & mixed veggies from the freezer)
Thursday - Stir Fry Veggies & Rice
(stir fry sauce and soy sauce from the fridge)
Friday - BLT's
(bacon from the freezer)

Other things I will be using up in breakfasts and lunches this week: vanilla honey butter, jams, buttermilk, frozen corn, and the never ending supply of ice pops.

And there we have it.  I'll be linking up this post with Orgjunkie Menu Plan Monday!


Ally Simons said...

Hey Aimee! Good luck with your move- we're also in the process of planning to move and I feel like using up the food we have is the toughest part. I always end up toting a cooler of food- not this time! It's all getting eaten before we go!

Stopping by from MPM!
Ally @ TinyWalletStyle

Aimee said...

Thanks Ally! We will be in the hot car for abut 3 days so I have decided not to take any food or cooler. This will also be a good time to clean out what I really don't use (won't have to buy them upon arrival if I don't have a recipe for them).

Ask Ms Recipe said...

You've got a great menu this week. I have to say the Monday menu is my favorite this week. Don't forget to add your link to my Marvelous Menu Meme Linky so I can come visit you too.

Ask Ms Recipe

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