Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sugar turns 4!

Big Sister loves pink, art, and preschool.  Your favorite foods are noodles, berries, and cereal.  You love to play outside and to be with your sister.

For over a year Big Sister has wanted a duck birthday party.  So we went ducky.  We did everything in yellow with her favorite color, pink, tied in.  This was the first year for her to have a friend party.  We had lots of fun feeding the ducks at a nearby bridge, decorating individual party hats with stickers, and playing Pin the Party Hat on the Duck and Duck Duck Goose. Afterwards we had duck cupcakes.

Daddy and sister feeding ducks.
Running home to party with friend.

Friends decorating their hats.

Friend playing duck duck goose.

Helen pinning her party hat on the duck

The birthday cupcakes.

Singing "Happy Birthday"

The decorations.

Love you very much!  Happy 4th Birthday!

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