Saturday, March 19, 2011

St. Patty's Day

Our St. Patrick's Day started off with French Toast with green whipped cream.

Then while H took a bathroom break a leprechaun came and  left green footprints on our plates and took a bite of H's French toast!

She was so surprised to find out the leprechaun had been to her preschool too!

For lunch we ate a rainbow and a pot of gold.

And then of course we had our traditional corned beef and cabbage with potatoes for dinner.  I didn't get to the store in time to get a corned beef roast, so we went with the canned version this year.

 I know it looks like the malt vinegar is our beverage, but really it is just there because it is my favorite condiment on cooked cabbage (with a little butter).

And this is what N does at every.single.meal.  No matter how little we give her to drink in her cup, she drinks half and pours half on her meal.  At least she eats it gladly afterward.  But.yuck.gross.

We had a magically delicious lucky green day!

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Our Family said...

what a fun mom you are! thanks for the ideas for simple breakfast, lunch and dinners for st. pattys day! i was boring and did's that for ya! i am so glad you guys are feeling better! it was fun to talk to you for a bit at church when you were up last! hope to see you soon!
katie :)

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