Sunday, February 6, 2011


I really need some of this

with lots of this

and none of this.

I have been scouring,, for a good deal.  Haven't found a great deal in our student price range yet.  But I haven't given up.

At the moment my oldest is dancing to My Turn on Earth like I did as a kid.  She is pretty dang good at following too.  The tear in my eye may or may not be from my cold/flu.

♥ you, Sugarbug.

Here's a picture of her taken a week or so ago. (I didn't want to embarrass her by taking a picture because she'd stop dancing.)

That picture is sotc, btw. hehe

So, where do you shop for travel deals??


Bethany Hopkins said...

Oh I agree with you completely!!! I could really use a few days like that myself.

Amanda J said...

Sometimes it helps to check departures from other places. It is more expensive to fly from Salt Lake than it is from Las Vegas. Trips to Hawaii are cheaper if you can fly from California. Cruises can be cheap if you can drive to places like San Diego. A lot of people from here take cruises to Mexico from somewhere between $200 and $300 a person departing from San Diego. You are more than welcome to crash here if you need to.

Amber said...

Because you are in the military, you can stay on ANY base for cheap. Granted they are not 5-star hotels, but some are pretty nice. We have a travel book here somewhere that lists all the places, but I don't know where it is. They have a travel agent at Hill that can help you,

Grandpa-Brian said...

Okay, you wished for it now you have it. Congratulations. Now you would probably like some people you really love to come down and take care of your wonderful kids while you two go on vacation for a week. Well, my bags are packed, I will be there when it looks like 'and none of this' again up here in the north.

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