Tuesday, September 28, 2010

End of Sabbatical & Our Summer

So it is nearly October. Wow - I definitely took a longer sabbatical from blogging than I intended.  There are no excuses. No reasons, other than I was in a blogging rut and the thought of trying to post all the posts I wanted to do scared me. Simple really.

So here is a recap of our Summer (part of it, anyway.)

To start off our summer, Jake went to China (you can find his posts about this here.) While he was gone the girls and I spent time in Idaho visiting both my parents and Jake's.

We went to Mesa Falls with my parents one Sunday.

 Don't mind my dad - this is how he smiles.

Then the girls and I went to Jake's parents cabin for awhile. It was cold and springtime there still.  But we had fun.  You can read more of our time there on this post.

 The girls also did swimming lessons. Punkin #1 did 3 sessions and Cupcake did 2. Next year we are not going to do so many. I was exhausted of swimming lessons by the time summer was over.

Helen did so well and progressed so much this year in lessons.

This bike ride was after Jake got home. I spent the whole bike ride bringing up the rear.  My job was to push my bike, take pictures, and push Helen's trike with my foot. Norah wasn't too thrilled with her first ride in the trailer either. The last part of it, Helen's trike was hanging on my bike and she was walking. I was very glad to get home after this ride.

 And Cupcake did eventually fall asleep.
 On Independence Day we went swimming (Jake and I burnt to a crisp and paid for it for a long time).

 At this moment we don't know how painful our lives are going to be for the next 2 weeks.  Happy Family :)
 Nana went with us.
 We went home and made homemade root beer with Kelsey.

Then we went back to the cabin for a Jake's extended family reunion.  Canoeing was a highlight.

 So was getting ice cream.
 Then we went back to another session of swimming lessons so Cupcake could try it out.  She loved it.

And that is where my photos end.  Let me restate that. That is where my ready-to-post photos end. To keep me organized, I only let myself post photos I have labeled and filed correctly. I need to do this, and also  fix a memory card problem in our house. Things are a little mixed up right now, and I have pictures here, there and everywhere.

I promise I won't be away for so long this next time. I also have a slew of  food/recipe posts to do.  So check back.  These are good.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy Birthday, Cupcake!

We had Cupcake's 1st Birthday party at Papa & Nana's Cabin.  It was so nice that so many people could come.

I made her a giant cupcake cake and did all the decorations in peach, green, and lavender colors. Helen was so excited to help unwrap all the gifts.  Cupcake loves yogurt melts, so she got some peach flavored ones for her birthday. Of course I made a large cupcake as her cake.

On her actual birthday we celebrated with Jake's family at Keith & Jackie's place, having cupcakes again.

Cupcake, we love your sweet personality and smiles all around.

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