Saturday, November 6, 2010

Working Mom

Today I re-enter the work force.  Shortly after Helen was born I worked one day as a temp job.  It was the worst job of my life.  I now pity those people who have to try and sell stuff in the aisles at Wal-mart.

This job should be much better.  I am assisting in kids cooking class and precepting dietetic students.  It is one or two days a month and on Saturdays when Jake can watch the kids (except today when he has drill so the kids are going to Nana's).


HeidiPie said...

Cool! I think you will have a fun time with that.

Megan said...

Sounds fun! If you ever need some help watching the girls, let me know.

Michael and Kelsey said...

Congrats! I love helping watch your kids too ;)

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