Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Punctual Pumpkins

Amazingly we got to the pumpkin thing before the night before Halloween. And we carved our pumpkins before they started to rot. I know - I'm on a roll.We went to a farmer's stand on the highway this year to pick out pumpkins. Jake was gone to Chicago, so Kelsey went with us. Norah was thrilled and I wish I could have gotten a picture of her pointing to each pumpkin hunched over like she was going to start a belly laugh any minute.
I don't know what this pose of Helen's was. I said "Say cheese." and quickly snapped a picture in hopes of getting a cute one of the girls, and that second Helen looked away and struck this pose. Strange things come out of people around Halloween I guess.Helen was so excited to pick her own pumpkin this year. I told her she could get a big one and I would carry it for her, but she was insistent that she wanted a small one so she could carry it.
Jake got done carving the third pumpkin and Helen sat down, drew where she wanted to cut, and carved out a nose, eye brows, and something between the eyes all by herself. We didn't even realize she was doing it until the nose (1st thing) was popped out. She is a good little carver, and thankfully she didn't cut herself with the knife.

Norah was forced against her will happy to watch. Chocolate chips kept her content and muffled the screaming. We were able to get a smile from her for a picture.

Helen & I at work. Norah is in the background wondering if we have more chocolate.

Here is what the designs looked like in the daylight.

The true test was once night came.
We think they look great.

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