Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Norah Thinks...

Having a big sister is great...

To put hand towels and washcloths on you while you sleep to keep you warm,

To teach you how to play in the sink,

To make blanket fox holes to play in,

To play in the tiny pool on the patio with,

To get cozy with in jammies the night and morning before picking up daddy from the airport,

To dress you up in dress-ups all by herself,

Except when she dresses you like this.

That is unless you are Norah, and you simply don't comprehend your sister just put her underwear on your head, then the play continues with no worries.

Helen love Norah.
Norah loves Helen.
Mommy loves them both.  (couldn't tell, could you)

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Our Family said...

That is the cutest post. They are so precious together! I always loved and still do watching the kids play together (nicely most of the time) Miss you! Hope all is going well for you!
Katie Sommer

Mission Organize Apartment