Thursday, May 13, 2010


Helen had her first dentist appointment today.  She remembers how I was last time I went in for my dental surgery.  She kept telling me she was going to get her teeth fix.  I checked out a Berenstain Bears book at the library about the dentist for her last week and it talked about pulling teeth out.  Not really the encouragement I was looking for.  I was unsure how she was going to react, but was really hoping she would be a trooper and act in her good little manner as she always does at the doctor.  And she was!  She got a little nervous when the dentist came in after the hygienist because she hadn't seen him before.  But after he looked in my mouth she was willing to open hers.

Getting ready for the exam.
Looking inside her mouth with the mirror.
Polishing those pearly whites.
Helping the hygienist with the suction tool.
The hygienist handed her the tool and Helen knew exactly what to do.
She put it her mouth and closed her lips around it.
All done!  No cavities!  ALL SMILES!


HeidiPie said...

Lucky, we had a lot of hand holding and coaxing and it helped to have a little brother there who was definitely not afraid.

Amanda J said...

I'm glad that it went so well!

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