Tuesday, May 11, 2010

March Went Out Like a Lion & April Was a Whirlwind

Before my Mother's Day post it had been awhile since I had posted simply because life was crazy!  March ended with multiple trips to the 'burg where my parents live while Jake was at drill.  It worked out well too, because I was able to go to the bridal shower and then Jake and I were able to go to the wedding of my best friend from high school.  It was great seeing her and celebrating this new chapter in her life.

When we got home from that our toilet was in need of a minor repair.  Jake went and told our landlords and they said they'd come in the morning.  Perfect.  Then they called back and said they were able to get the part and wanted to fix it that night.  Ended up having to break old part to get it out.  Ended up being wrong part.  Ended up the 15 minute job was now taking over an hour.  Landlord found store still open to get part.  While gone Jake and cleaned the toilet tank and wall that had probably never been cleaned, it for sure had never been painted since the toilet was installed.

Ended up part broke in during reinstalling.  It was 10:00 by now.  All hardware stores were closed.  Helen was not even close to interested in bed - way too much excitement going on.  Landlord used some other kind of pipe from air conditioning unit.  Somehow it worked, but leaked.  We could use toilet, but had to flush with bucket until morning when he came back with parts.  What a night.

Then April turned into a huge whirlwind of a month.  It started of with April Fool's day.  I changed the color milk to purple.  I had more planned, but it just didn't work out.

During breakfast I took a sedative pill and then Jake got me to the dentist to have new gums (okay not new...but I still don't like to think about the fact that they were someone else's old gums,so new to me) grafted into my mouth.  The rest of the day was a blur and I remember pieces like the TV noise during the dentist appointment was bothering me really bad and Jake took Helen to school with him afterward while I "watched" Norah as I slept off the drugs....and I get to do it all again in 6 months on the other side of my mouth.  Speaking of teeth, Norah cut her first tooth middle of March and her second a couple of days later.

Easter was terrific.  I loved watching conference that weekend.  Jake's sister and her husband were with us the whole weekend and that was fun.  On Saturday Helen needed some coaxing on the whole Easter Bunny thing.  She was preoccupied on who put bunny footprints in her room.  But eventually we got her out of there.  Norah pretty much was happy to play with the paper bunny footprints.

On Sunday, we made an awesome Easter dinner.  I had been dying to make Easter egg bread for years.  Hoped it would be a tradition.  It probably won't be.  The eggs don't cook all that well, and they were kinda weird.  The bread was good though.  Other scrumptious elements of the meal were pears with raspberries, creamed spinach, citrus-glazed ham, hot crashed potatoes, and green & wax beans.

Then around the corner came Baby Animal Days.  It was tons of fun to go out as a family.  Helen got to pet a bear cub.  How cool is that!  AND Jake took a picture of me, so I actually will be recorded as going to a family outing other than being the one behind the camera.

We planted some tomato and pea seeds.  Between Helen, Norah, Cooper (my parents' new dog who came to visit), and everyday life...the seedlings might not survive.

My dad's cows had new calves.  Helen loved them.

Norah wasn't so sure.

By this time of the month, Helen's birthday was a happening.

She got a new PINK trike.

We had a PURPLE cake with hearts, stars, dress up shoes, & purses made of fondant.

The next weekend my parents came to celebrate with a picnic at the park.  The wind wouldn't let us light the candle on our picnic so we told Helen to pretend to blow it out.  Thanks for coming down Grandpa & Grandma Nani!

Then we celebrated with Jake's family at the usual Sunday dinner.  And I forgot to take any pictures.  Helen thought everyday was going to be her birthday.  She also thinks Christmas is coming soon because it won't quit snowing.  Should have never told her Christmas comes when it snows again.  I thought spring was finally really here.  How in the world am I suppose to teach seasons in this kind of weather. "Uh so we live in winter all year.  Other lucky people in other parts of the world have seasons."

At the end of the month, Jake and I started de-junking and rearranging our apartment.  Part of the reason was to allow space where Jake could bring home his helicopters and work on them from home.  In the middle of the shift he didn't have much room.  He ended up sitting on a tool box in a crowded corner trying to work on his computer.

We got the apartment mostly cleaned up just in time for Jake to leave on a new adventure yesterday.  He is doing an internship in China for a month.  He should be there by now, but we haven't heard from his as of yet.

It's a busy life, but I am enjoying the most part of it.

Wow!  That was a whirlwind just posting about the last month.

I have a lot of food posts coming up.  Now that I am on my own after the girls head to bed, I may be able to catch up on those.  So stay tuned.

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Megan said...

Wow that was an intense post! :) That picture of Norah and Helen in the swing is adorable. Also- that dinner you made looks AMAZING! Can we be your next dinner guests? :P I was hoping to get together this week before you leave but I have an awful head cold and you are probably busy anyway. I hope we can get together when you get back!

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