Friday, May 28, 2010


I have been visiting my parents while Jake is gone to China.  Every time I came in and out their front door this bird would fly right by.  It would fly so fast I couldn't see even what kind it was.  It kinda felt like the movie "The Birds".  I assumed it had made a nest in the eaves.  I could hear it chirp every once in awhile through the door.

Then my my dad (correction) my mom made a discovery.  Here is my parents' front door.  Looks innocent right?
Take a closer look.
Yep.  That is a nest built on top of the wreath.
AND there are 5 robin eggs in it.
We are no longer using the front door.
Can you imagine your home being so disrupted?
Hopefully the eggs are still fine.
I heard the momma bird this morning, so she is still coming back.
I am in awe.  I love spring.


Amanda J said...

Crazy! It will be fun for Helen to watch the baby birds when they hatch.

Megan said...

That's so cool!!

Bridgette said...

That is easily the coolest place to find a nest! You are such an incredible photographer too. Amazing pictures.

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