Friday, March 12, 2010


When we made ravioli a couple of weeks ago I had a tiny bit of pasta dough left over.  Helen had loved every minute of making noodles.  After dinner, I let Helen run the leftover dough through the spaghetti cutter.  We hung them out to dry during the night.  The next day we had them for lunch.  There was just enough for Helen and I.  She was so proud of the noodles she made.

This afternoon Helen and were doing a project together.  I told Helen we were going to take turns.  After I finished my turn, she said, "Okay.  It's my turn on earth."  Because she is really sensitive to, okay, everything, I very calmly and trying not to bust a gut, said, "It's your turn on earth?"  "Yep, Mommy," she replied.

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Cheri said...

What a cutie! I love that little Nellie bug! Miss her too!

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