Monday, March 8, 2010

Island Park

So what did we do 3 weeks ago?  It was that long weekend, you know, Presidents' Day.  We went up to Jake's parents' cabin they bought last year with the whole family (minus Michael who had to work).  Neither Jake or I had been up there before.  We snowmobiled in on Saturday morning.  Shortly after we got there the snow on the roof came down in an avalanche.  The noise sent Jake into PTSD for just a second.  Helen talked about the event the whole weekend.  Later in the day Jake and I went snowshoeing.  Saturday night was our night to help with dinner - we made Chow Mein in celebration of Chinese New Year that was the next day.  Sunday was a fiasco getting 9 adults and our 2 girls to church with only one snowmobile in 8 degree weather.  On Sunday afternoon we pretty much hung out around the cabin.  On Monday Jake and I had a chance to go cross-country skiing.  I forgot my brace and my wrist was paying for it for the next week.

Pictures of everyone just hanging out:

Outside play:
(please ignore my husband's pose)

(Using camera function to make it look as cold as it was - went a little overboard on this one)

Sunday night someone teased Jake about his silk weight pants (black silky thermal type layer) saying he looked like Batman.  Jake responded by running upstairs and getting his silk weight top and donning a baby blanket as a cape.

He made quite the entrance.

To the "Bat-tub"

The girls and I spent some time with my parents after the weekend.  Helen decided that Norah need to play dress-ups and she was to be the bunny.  She makes a pretty good bunny, I'd say.

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Amanda J said...

The first picture is so pretty! It ALMOST makes me want to visit somewhere cold again. It looks like you guys had a great time!

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