Saturday, February 6, 2010

When life gives you limes...

When life gives you lemons you make lemonade, right?  We love lemonade in our house, but we put a new twist on the old saying and turned it into:

When life gives you limes, you make lime curd.  It is delish.
(note:  the toddler activity part is at the bottom of the post)

Jake and I love Alton Brown & his Good Eats show.  We try to channel him.  Every time we cook something new we look up to see if Alton has a recipe or tips on that particular item.

A few months ago we made his lemon curd from an episode about eggs on Good Eats.  You can watch "The  Egg Files" part 2 episode here.  We've made this lemon curd a few times and love it.  But Alton mentions you can use other citrus fruit and Jake has been dying to try lime.

At the end of January we gave it a shot.  I needed to finish a photo assignment for my class so I took a ton of pictures.  Lime curd is delish and if you have ever needed a new dessert that is easy give it a try.


As Alton would say, The Software

Sugar, eggs, lime juice, & lime zest

Jake mixing it up before it goes to the heat.

Testing to see if it is ready for the butter.

Scrapping ever last bit out of the bowl.

Helen having what was probably her 20th lick.

The finished product on some cream bread.
Jake & I both like it just as much or more than lemon curd.
(store-bought this time, I like making my own pound cake for it better).

So in another realm of our lives we have what I sometimes classify as limes or lemons.  Helen is struggling with being 2 and I am struggling with her being 2 as well.  Please don't let the 3's be as traumatic.  It is not uncommon for one or both of us to be in tears at sometime of the day.  I have institued a couple of things to help me turn this hard time into lemonade and lime curd, if you will.

1.  We have all but abolished movies.  Before I got pregnant with Norah, Helen would only watch maybe 15 minutes of a movie or TV.  She just didn't care for it.  But when I couldn't do anything but giver her crackers & a movie, and puke in the toilet, she became addicted to the screen.  And it had just gotten worse in the year since.  I have noticed her whining, her fits, and general bad days are all connected with how much TV she sees in a day.  So I have cut out all movies except one on Saturdays.  The first day was hard, but since then she hasn't even ask to watch something.  And her overall mood has improved.  She still has her moments, but for the most part of the day she is a lot more cooperative and happy.  That being said, she has to have something to do other than play with her regular toys everyday.  So on to #2.

2.  I am trying to create something new for her to do at least once a week.  To encourage me to do this and to help my friends who I know would love some toddler time activities, I am going to blog about our activities.  Hopefully this gives you ideas on what to do with your kids.  If you have any great ideas let me know of them in the comment section.  You can click on the link in the side bar to see only the posts about toddler activities.  I am calling it "Lil' Tike Play Area".  I also have "Kids Menu" about simple toddler foods I make for Helen.

We love Helen to bits.  She is our Sugar, but that isn't making growing up easy for her or us.  I am trying my hardest to put her and Norah as the center of my attention so they can thrive.  I hope this new approach helps.


Megan said...

I agree with the movies. Andrew and Olivia would both sit and watch movies all day long if I let them and they turn into complete monsters if I don't limit it. Thanks for lending me your activity book, it really helps. PS- I love your new menu and little tikes part of your blog!

Bridgette said...

Thanks for the recipe Aimee! You have such great food ideas. I also LOVE your pictures. You have great style. :)

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