Saturday, February 6, 2010

What Santa brought

Here is Helen & Norah saying goodbye to the futon.  This was obviously taken before the college boys came and picked it up.  Before Helen bawled because it left right before her eyes.  But we survived until Christmas, when Santa, in all his magic, pulled a whole couch out of his bag.  It is a beaut.  I love it.  No more (well, less bachelor-style living)!  Yippee.  It is so comfortable, it doesn't squeak, it's supportive, and no subwoofer needed.  And you when you come to visit, you don't have rush to nab the rocking chair and avoid the futon.

Thanks, Santa. (wink, wink).

And here's what Santa dropped off for Jake a few weeks early so he could play with it the whole school break.

Up in the air.

Jake flying his toy.
Sorry about the dark pictures.  I was losing light fast.

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