Monday, February 1, 2010

Only One Month Left

From June to New Years.  Yikes.  But that is what I have done.

I only have one more month (Jan) to catch up on melding blog and pictures together.  I finally willed myself to be tethered to the hard drive for a while to get the pictures off and process them through my shrinker program.  I was going to wait until I was completely done, but because I love my mom and know she is dying for me to post.  I will post what I have gotten done now.  It has taken some time to get all the pictures with all of the blogs, but now that I have my shrinker it was easier.  So here's for everyone to enjoy.

Zucchini Pasta
Mending, Sewing, & a Food Product New(ish)Favorite
Pioneer Woman
Blech! Don't try this!
Tin Foil Dinners
What we've been up to
Pix & Pureed Pumpkin
Fun Candy Turkey Place Settings & Thanksgiving
We Had a Very Merry One
Norah Goes Solid
Gingerbread Men
Ringing in the New Year in Loa (not Logan)

There you have it.  I'm going to bed.  See you all again soon.  I have some more great things to share.

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