Saturday, February 6, 2010


This week's toddler activity was invented by trying to kill to birds with one stone.  I was really, I mean really, behind on folding laundry.  But I knew there was no way on earth it was going to get done if I needed to entertain Helen.  So I created a new game called "clothesline".  Helen loved it.

It's simple enough.
Hang some yarn from one stable object to another (in my case I used a filing cabinet handle to a door handle).  If it is a long distance (as was needed for my mountain of laundry) loop the yarn around a few chairs in the middle.

I pulled out my clothespins and told Helen to hang the laundry to "dry"  She loved playing with the clothespins.  I told her she could only hang laundry from a certain basket (the unfolded stuff).  As items became "dry" I took them off and folded them creating new room for her to hang more up.

And we both got the laundry done!  Wahoo!

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