Saturday, February 6, 2010

Bouquet Box

Here's how to make (or how I antiqued and reassembled a display box).  If you are trying this, make sure you read the whole thing, because I found a faster way towards the end.

I bought a shadow box at Hobby Lobby.  I wish I had taken a picture of it's original state.  It had a rusty orange canvas backing, but the frame was exactly what I was looking for to display some dried flowers.

I opened it up, tore off the orange material, and bought some white satin similar to my wedding dress.  Problem was the satin was stark white, the frame was not.  I wanted it to look antique, but also keep it's white properties.

When I took the box to my professional florist to see if the box would work for the arrangement I wanted, I also took advantage of an used herbal tea bag compliments of Jake.

I started off by dabbing tea on the material with cotton balls, hoping it would give some visual texture.

Then I microwaved it in a bag to set the stain.

Then I tried ironing it.  That is when the steam from the iron pushed tea circles out so it looked like someone spilled tea on it, not just antiqued.

So scratch all above steps.

I started over and just washed the whole thing in tea so it was all the same color.  And then rinsed it out.

Let it dry completely.

Then ironed it.
Here is what it looked like compared with a piece of the original stark satin.

Here is the box ready for the florist:

I then turned it over to the florist, my dad, to put flowers from my wedding bouquet in it.  Yes, flowers from my actual bouquet.  They have been hanging in various closets at my parents house for almost 5 years.  My mom has been begging me for almost as long to figure out what I was going to do with it so it wouldn't be in her closet anymore.
Here is what my dad came up with.  It is exactly what I envisioned.  I love it.  Thanks, Dad.

Speaking of flowers & weddings and such.  As I was going through the calendar, I was trying to figure out what I did in July last year.  Figured it out.  I was helping Kelsey plan her wedding.  I was her florist for that.  If you'd like to see the flower arrangements & bouquets I made go to her wedding & reception pictures.

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Megan said...

That's gorgeous! I should show you my wedding bouquet and you can tell me if I would be able to do something like that. I love it.

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