Saturday, February 6, 2010

Blankey Playing & Helping Your Guy

Earlier this week I captured some photos of Helen playing with Norah.  Norah will learn at a very young age that every day we must have blankey playtime.  At least once a day.  Most days it will be all day.  You play simply by getting under a blankey and don't sit still.  Then get out.  Repeat all steps for as many times as you can - usually about 100.

Norah will like it better when she learns to move the blanket off her face, or when Helen finally understands when I say, "Don't put the blankey on Norah's face."  But I am glad Norah is patient for now and will play whatever flies Helen's kite for the day.  I am glad Helen is creative and always includes Norah in her play.
I love you two sweet girls!

Other day we were playing Candyland - Helen's new favorite game.  It was my turn and I landed on a licorice spot so I lost a turn.  Really, I was grateful for this as Norah was fussing.  I was more than happy to let Helen have two turns in a row.  Beats trying to tell her it isn't her turn.  Told her to draw again because my guy was stuck in the licorice.  She drew a second card and started to move my guy.  I told her it was her turn and to move her gingerbread guy.

She almost started to cry, but simply looked at me and said as tenderly as she could,
"No.  I need help your guy with my turn. He's stuck."

Glad you have my back, SugarWugar.

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Bridgette said...

That is so cute! Don't you love it when they come up with something like that? Those pictures are adorable too.

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