Saturday, January 9, 2010

Ringing in the New Year in Loa (not Logan)

We visited some friends for New Years.  They live in the middle-of-no-where.  I'm serious.  But we had a great time.  On the way there we had two crazy encounters.

First of all, we were not-pulled over.  We were almost to our destination, but slightly off course.  Norah was hungry and crying.  I was driving.  Jake was trying to feed Norah while trying to figure out where we are with the GPS on his phone and where a grocery store is to buy pizza crust.  Behind me I see lights flashing.  I didn't think I was speeding, but maybe...I don't know, I was distracted.  There is another civilian car directly behind us.  That car and us both pull over.  It looks like the cop is going to give us both a ticket.  We wait in the car.  The officer has the other car move.  We wait.  Another state patrol car shows up.  We wait.  Norah is crying.  Bottle just ran out.  Need to make new one.  There is too much water in bottle.  Jake doesn't want to pour out a couple ounces of water out the window.  It may look like we are trying to dispose of something before the cop comes.  Other car leaves.  We wait.  Officer starts walking our way, but is really going to see other patrol car.  We wait.  Jake yells out to officer, "Did you want to talk to us?"  Officer replies, "Nope.  Just pullin' her over."  20 min gone.  Still no grocery store.  Baby still crying.  And we were off again.

So after some hunting we find a Papa Murphy's.  We decide just to buy the dough because who knows when we will see civilization again.  I go in and go to the end of the counter where all the employees are.  Here is the conversation I then had with two teen-aged boys from the middle-of-no-where.

1st teen-age boy:  "What's the name on the order?"
Me:  "I don't have an order."
1st teen-age boy:  "Then we have to help you on the other end of the counter."
Me:  "Ooookay."  (2nd teen-age boy and I step over 6 feet to the end of the counter.)
2nd teen-age boy: "What can I get for you?"
Me:  "I need enough dough for two family size pizzas."
2nd boy:  "You want like the dough ball?"
Me: "Yes, I need 2 dough balls."
1st boy (still on other side of room):  "HA!  Who told you to say that?"
Me: "No one.  I need some pizza dough."
1st boy:  "Oh.  You are like the third person who has said that today."
    (At this point I am thinking it doesn't seem weird to me that people would want to make their own pizzas on New Year's Eve and make it easier by having someone else make the dough.  Especially if you've been traveling for 5 hours.)
2nd boy: "What are you going to do with them?"
Me:  "Make pizzas."  (Okay, folks, I am not blessed with the ability to come up with comebacks quickly.)
2nd boy: "Oh.  You know you can by the dough rolled out."
Me:  "Yes.  That doesn't help if you are making individual pizzas, does it?"
2nd bout: "Probably not."

I finally got my dough.  I was laughing so hard internally that as I got in the car, Jake was asking what was going on.   During our last stretch of the drive, we came up with tons of comebacks.  Hahaha.  It probably isn't as funny relayed on by this blog, but it was a great laugh.

We got to our friends house.  We made pizza, played games.  Went to bed and rang the New Year in the best way I know how - by sleeping right through.  Our daughters played.  Jake & Mr. V. and Co. played video games with the boys.  We went to Capitol Reef on New Year's Day.  Vanessa and I talked a little bit about fabric and she showed me some great stuff.  She is so talented - knocks my socks off.  Take a look for yourself.  All my pics of Vanessa were blurry. :(  We had a great time.  Thank you V. and Co for having us.

Helen taking a walk at a farm.

The 3/4 family picture.  We left Norah where it was warm.

Norah chillin' in the car while we went looking around.

Helen, Jake, Mr. V and Co. & their boys climbing rocks.

First family picture of the year.  Taken in Capitol Reef.

Helen playing in her kitchen.  It was darling.

Jake and Norah in thought while the boys play their games.  Must have been Jake's turn out.

On our way back home we had a couple of hours to kill before a Mefp (Marble extended-family party).  I told Jake it would be fun to go the Living Planet Aquarium in Salt Lake, but too bad we didn't have enough money.  He found out that it was only $9 to get in.  Woot!  That ain't the Monterey Bay Aquarium admission fees that we are used to.  As we pulled up, I thought, that ain't no Monterey Bay Aquarium either.  In fact you can tell from the outside that it was an old ghetto grocery store.  We were pretty apprehensive.  I know that we were spoiled living in Monterey and no aquarium can compare, but we got inside this one and were pleasantly surprised.  They have done extremely well for the resources that they have.  We thought it was a great experience and recommend it.  Just keep telling yourself it is worth the money and shade your eyes from the sore-sight as you walk to the doors.  They do have plans to upgrade.

While we were there I tried to take a picture of this strange lady I saw.  But it was too dark (aquarium dark, mind you) and the lady was dressed all in black so my camera had a hard time figuring out what to focus on.  She was wearing an all black old-fashion fancy-dancy Victorian dress and red stilettos.  Now picture her trying to pet the sting rays. Odd.  

Helen at the jelly-fish tank.

Helen & some exhibit?

Helen riding in the canoe in the South America Exhibit.

Jake & Helen trying to pet the sting rays.
This was Helen's favorite spot and we were here most of our exhibit.
Jake and I each got to touch them, but Helen would get scared at the last second and pull away.

Last of all, petting the snake.
I was really curious to see if Helen would do this as she didn't pet the rays.
She did.  Brave girl.
Brave mommy, too, because I don't like snakes.  They're creepy.
Note:  I don't alway hold my hand like that,
I was demonstrating to Helen how to pet the snake with 2 fingers like they asked.

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V and Co. said...

it sure was fun! and we need you guys to come down again! ;)
i have pics of helen still sitting on my computer...i may just send them your way in a little bit! ;)

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