Thursday, January 28, 2010

Photography Class - Last Assignment

A couple of days ago I played photo-shoot with the girls trying to capture photos for my assignment due tonight. I turned in some of these, and some others included on other posts.

Helen had been coloring with a black marker.  It got on her hands and transfered to her face.  Long story short, I didn't pose Helen at all. Just took pictures of her as she talked to me about the marker and then once she was bored with that I just took as she did her thing. I did dress her all in white to play off the black and white colors for my assignment (the black on her face is marker, and she picked her black shoes without even me saying anything). She picked up the book off the shelf and asked for the flashlight all by herself.  The book is part of a Mother's Encyclopedia from the '50's.  I wish she had picked up the volume about potty training and learned a thing or two from osmosis.

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