Sunday, January 17, 2010

Her Favorites

Jake had to answer a bunch of security questions for a website.  After we got done, Helen wanted her turn to do  "Favorites".  Here are her answers.

Favorite Color: Pink
Favorite Food: Pink
Favorite Music: Let me go get that musgik; I like this one.  (She is holding 50 fun songs for kids)
Favorite Movie: Honey Pooh (Her name for Winnie Pooh)  I like this one (She is holding Thomas the Train aka the bane of my existence)
Favorite Dolly: Alice (Thankfully she can say "L"s a lot better now so she isn't swearing throughout the apt "my a_ice")

And we're through.  Short attention span.  What can I say.\?  She is 2, or uh almost 3.  And she knows what she wants for her birthday.

Yes, if you look closely, we were cooking missionaries for dinner that night.


Amanda J said...

That is cute!! We watch a lot of Thomas the Train too. I started squeezing some Spongebob in so I wouldn't go crazy!

Katy said...

She is so big! Aren't kids wonderful?!...

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