Friday, October 30, 2009


Just for those of you who follow my blog. I am changing my blog address on November 14th. I will blog the new address closer to the date.

Still working on some pictures for the blog...having two kids, or three if you count Jake takes a lot of time and requires me to have a lot of sleep (I wish).

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Mending, Sewing, & a Food Product New(ish)Favorite

I just found a picture of some things I wanted to blog about.  One was I pulled out my machine and did some mending...a long time ago.  But I love my machine so here's the ode to it.

Then right before Norah came, I finished these covers for the diaper changing table.  I was so proud that I made the pattern myself.  I know it isn't that hard, but some things I have tried haven't turned out.  I forgot to take a picture I have of the other one.  I made two so I can switch them out while laundering.  The best part is the inside is a water-proof sheet I cut up and lined them with.  I really like them.

And last of all for this random post, my new favorite product.  When I was in New Zealand as a missionary I fell in love with a pear-rhubarb yogurt.  No one made anything of the sort here in the U.S. - at least not that I could find.  Then I found these in the store last week.  I bought 6 right there on the spot.  I don't find many products where pear is the featured ingredient.  It is always the back filler flavor.  They aren't quite the same as the New Zealand brand, but I may be missing the rhubarb and all dairy tastes different in New Zealand.  I love yogurt and it now has become a real treat.  If I have it in the house, Helen will eat 10 a day.  Since I don't have to help her open them anymore, she'll have them all open without me even knowing.

Pear Yogurt, YUM!

Monday, October 19, 2009

For Today

For Today
Monday 19 October 2009

Outside my window:
Beautiful sunshine

I am thinking:
About my new book purchase...I'll post when I get 'em.
& about everything going on this week

I am thankful for:
A husband who saw I was struggling last night (much due to my idiotic nature) and did the dishes and helped me with the kids

From the learning rooms:
Jake wants me to take up reading O'Henry and I'm thinking about learning to crochet again

From the kitchen:
Last night I made Spaghetti with Artichoke Hearts and Tomatoes from Pioneer Woman. Delish. A new favorite and a keeper recipe in our family for sure!

I am wearing:
Athletic shoes, jeans, mustard color t-shirt, and green bracelet

I am creating:
An activity list for Helen and I to stay sane during the winter months to come

I am going:
To finish making Norah officially alive tomorrow. We have her birth certificate and social security card, but she is not official with the insurance speaking she is still not official.

I am reading:
Not much...going to pick up a new book this week

I am hoping:
The girls don't get sick with all the company we are expecting over for a day in a couple of weeks

I am hearing:
Norah's teddy bear that makes womb sounds

Around the house:
Mainly seeing the dirty dishes from my point of view

One of my favorite things:
Butter and honey on toast

A few plans for rest of the week:
Activity days & Norah's 1 month baby pictures

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Saturday Evening Post

So this week started out with Jake and I thinking Norah had entered a colic stage. Sunday night was hard. Monday we noticed there were very few, actually no messy diapers since lunchtime on Sunday. Norah had drank more formula lately, but going from 7 or 8 messy diapers a day to none in a 22 hour period could be painful. We called the doctor office and then started to give her Karo syrup. Sure enough a little while later an explosion happened...and just so happened when Jake was taking care of her...hehehe :). Don't worry, she made up for it Friday night and did a fountain poop while I was changing her and the arch of liquid poo landed on me.

Wednesday warranted it's own post.

Friday I came down with symptoms similar to Helen and they put me on Tamiflu just because we have a newborn in the house. I am doing fine now other than being exhausted and having a mild headache...both of which could have other causes. Helen still has a cough.

Had a nice, albeit short, visit with my mom who stopped by bearing gifts for the sick and afflicted. Helen loves her new sick masks with Mickey Mouse that Grandma picked up at the hospital. Yes, Mom after you left, Helen decided to actually wear one. And had me wear one too.

And that has pretty much been our week.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Saturday's Post Updated with Pictures

To those of you who really wanted to see Helen's dress-up fashion show, I finally was able to load the pictures to this post. I know..what am I doing loading pictures to a blog when I've been up since 4am and both girls are sleeping. I should be sleeping too. But by the time
I woke up,
took Helen's temp,
administered meds,
got her to drink some water,
made Norah a bottle,
fed Norah,
burped Norah,
changed Norah's diaper,
made Norah another bottle to help get rid of hiccups,
let Norah's fierce hiccups stop on their own,
took Norah's temp,
and finally got Norah to bed,
I was wide awake and had to find something to wind down with.
I am now tired again, but alas it is morning now and Norah is waking up.
Enjoy the pictures.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

This little piggy...

This little piggy went to Urgent Care,
This little piggy stayed home for 2 weeks.

Helen came home today from story time with some friends feeling down and sad.
She fell asleep on her chair.
I thought "Great! Both girls are napping, and now I'll do the same."
But with Helen never taking naps I quickly caught on that this was probably a bad thing in disguise.
Sure enough I checked her and she was warm.
I took her temperature.
Monitor temperature.
Few hours later 103.9
Urgent Care.
Hour or so later we have a probable diagnosis.


Oh, ya.
Life just keeps getting better and better.
Newborn and sibling with swine flu.
Next two weeks should chalk up to be interesting and tiring.
Doc said Jake and I should plan on getting it.

p.s. Don't come by my house.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

For Today

A friend of mine copied this from someone else and posts it on her blog weekly. I too want to try it out and post it weekly on Sundays. Maybe this will give me the incentive to blog when I really don't think I have time.

Sunday, October 11, 2009
Outside my window...
Gray clouds and recently hung Hall
oween lights.

I am thinking...
I need to buy a Sesame Street DVD other than the one made for military kid
dos whose parent is deploying.
It still makes cry at times and the deployment has been over for 9 months now.

I am thankful for...
Elmo entertaining my oldest at times,
a husband who helped me finish the graphics on Norah's baby announcements

From the learning rooms...
Mainly learning how to be a mom of multiple kiddos.

From the kitchen...
Does anyone else remember these from school lunch days?
Hot dog sliced not quite all the way through lengthwise,
scoop of mashed potatoes on top in middle,
grated cheese on top and melted.
I know. It's not a great fancy Sunday dinner. We're going for easy today.
Like we do every Sunday.

I am wearing...
Brown knit pants.
Yellow maternity shirt (first maternity shirt I have worn since the 24th).
Red toenail polish.

I am creating...
Norah's baby announcement

I am going...
to have a clean house again someday.

I am reading...
Old cooking magazines to tear out what recipes I really will really try
and throwing the rest of the magazine away.
Pioneer Woman (of course)

I am hoping...
For some sleep tonight.

I am hearing...
Helen asking for more hot dogs.
and the Elmo DVD main menu music.

Around the house...
Chaos of Helen's outfits & toys.

One of my favorite things...
Milk Chocolate Rocks.

A few plans for the rest of the week:
Finish Norah's Baby Announcements.
Get dishes back to people.
Get Thank-you notes out.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Saturday Evening Post

A brief (except Mon & Tues & Sat) review of our week:

Sunday - There is nothing better than Sunday conference on a rainy day with hot chocolate, a sleepy baby, and a for-the-most-part minding and happy toddler.

Monday - Tried to take both girls out by myself (I went last week, but we never got out of the car, we were just dropping socks off to Jake so this time was the first real time). Our goal: buy diaper pins at K-Mart and then take Norah's baby announcements at Jake's parents house. We accomplished our goals but with some tragedy in the middle.

Getting into K-Mart and shopping resulted in no problems. When we went to leave the problems started. I am new to the whole baby carrier thing. Not sure it is my thing yet. I got Helen out of the cart and then expected to just lift the carrier off the cart and go. Well it stuck on one corner. As I am trying desperately to detach my infant from the K-Mart cart Helen proceeds to walk outside by herself. In my frantic mode I couldn't figure out whether to leave Norah or let Helen be outside by herself near a road and possibility of being kidnapped. I know. Think, Aimee. I really do have a college degree. Helen went for the little horse ride and I could see her through the window so I wasn't as afraid of the cars hitting her, but she could be taken. All the meanwhile I am struggling with the dang carrier

and the cart while 3 K-Mart employees are staring at me. Ugh. Then it dawns on me to take the dang K-Mart cart outside to where Helen is. I know. Duh, Aimee. I'll insert here that is now snowing outside and cold.

So I go out there, and after a few more tugs, I decide to bend down and look for what is catching. Hahaha - it is the latch that holds it into the base and onto the cart. I just have to pull the release latch. Like I said the carrier thing is new to me. So I easily release Norah and tell Helen we have to go. She minds very quickly and gets off the horse. Yea!, this incident is over and we can get to the warm car. Then as Helen is stepping off the platform she slips and face plants onto the cement. I set Norah down on the ground by me and scraped Helen off the sidewalk. I get her on her feet grab the carrier and Helen's hand (Helen is still crying like the world is ending) and head to the car. The whole way I told Helen getting warm in the car will help her feel better. Warm is comforting and that take s away owies, right? We all recovered, and Helen's bump on her forehead didn't last too many days. I swore I would never take both girls out again.

Baby announcement pictures went okay. Here are some pictures of Helen's fashion show. Can't show you the pics of Norah until the baby announcements are sent. There is a mirror to the right (Helen's left) - that is what she is looking at.

Tuesday - To catch you up on this post if you don't tweet here is what I tweeted about it earlier:
  • Jake found mouse in apt this morning. Caught it once, but it escaped. Still haven't found it. from web

  • Needless to say I had overwhelming urge to clean out food cupboards & organize. I was planning to save this project until after baby came. from web

  • I am now worn out & overwhelmed. My once clean & ready-for-baby apt is torn all apart. Ugh. Sigh. from web

  • Apt put back together. Mostly. from web

But still no mouse caught.
So for a little over two weeks, we listened to the mouse chew the cupboards near the stove and heard him under our bed. He was spotted once when I saw him from across the apartment when I was feeding Norah and Jake saw him once hiding in under a pillow on the floor in our room. Jake named him Mikey.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Soooo Helpful

Two-year-old princesses are sooooo helpful. Helen has been great about having Norah around. Helen loves her to bits (sometimes to the point of smothering). She is really great about helping and fetching things to help with Norah. Of course there is the occasional "let me hold/push the pacifier in your mouth really tight" or the "I am helping feed Norah by shoving bottle nipple into the inside of her cheek". Norah is so patient with Helen and very rarely cries when Helen is a little too forceful (maybe it's because Norah doesn't know any different). These below though are a menagerie of the times Helen has gone above and beyond:

  1. Helen may be the only 2-year-old who asks "You need to pump, Mommy??", knows how to put all the breast pump pieces together, turn it on, and tell me she needs to put it on {mommy} and hold it there...I drew the line after the machine was turned on, thank you very much, Helen, I can manage the last two steps on my own.

  2. Going along with #1, two nights ago, she did her get-the-pump-ready-for-mommy routine, and I just started pumping without checking the machine. She had turned it on to max strength. I ended up quiting early because I was so sore and couldn't figure out why until I went to turn the machine off. Yowzers!

  3. Last night I left the living room to go get Norah's bottle that was warming up in the kitchen. When I returned Norah was no longer in the rocking chair. Helen had lifted Norah out of the rocking chair and was carrying her over to the bouncer on the other side of the living room. Yikes! I about flipped out as I see Norah's head bobbling all over. I didn't flip out, but kindly thanked Helen for her help and asked her to let mommy carry Norah next time because she is so heavy for Helen. Funny how some little things are "too heavy" for Helen to carry around, but not one word was said about how heavy Norah was. She carried her a good 8+ feet.

  4. Helen shows her love to Norah by giving Norah's things to her. It has been common in the last week and half to see toys, pacifiers, clothes, etc. all lined up next to where Norah is laying or in her bassinet. Yesterday afternoon, Helen started piling up even her own possessions. Norah must have needed everything that had been on the floor. Here is a picture of the aftermath. All the big stuff is on top, so you can't see all the tiny toys and pacifiers that were the first gifts/offerings. Norah slept through this instance. Irescued her right after I took the picture.

We love you, Helen. She really is a great help and a wonderful sister. I love laughing at the funny things she does.

Saturday, October 3, 2009


Today I fit into jeans. They may be my fat jeans. But who cares?? I don't! They aren't maternity, and they aren't elastic waist, and that is all that matters to me. Woot.

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