Saturday, May 9, 2009

Pink Squared

The morning we left for New Zealand we found out that we are having another girl. Yippee! So around here we are thinking all things pink again. It was so fitting that we found these sheep in New Zealand. Pink and "sheepy" combined - could Helen have found a happier place? I don't think so. Of course I loved finding something dyed with food coloring. As for "Baby Sister", which she is being called right now, we haven't been able to decide on a name.

Come September we are going to have a lot more pink around our home. Yeah! for little girls from heaven!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Blessed Home!

Goodbye Ben Pies, kumura, hokey pokey, feijoas, green landscapes, tropical pine trees, and chocolate. You will all be missed.

But oh, Home, you are loved! With your bathtubs, free laundry, organized grocery stores, and right lane driving there could be nothing more rewarding at this point to just be home. Glad to be here.

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