Saturday, February 28, 2009

Doing Well

I had my first OB appointment a few days ago. He changed my nausea meds. I was doing a lot better until this morning. I am still okay, I just waited too long to eat breakfast. Things are looking up and I can acctually think about what I need to do to prepare for this baby. Like trying to figure out how to rearrange the bedrooms.

My friends have been so great to me with cleaning my tub & kitchen floor, bringing in meals, and being there to talk and distract me from my nausea. Thank you all.

Maybe in a few weeks I'll be back on my feet more so I can start some new projects...and finish some that I didn't get done.

Saturday, February 21, 2009


I guess I didn't knock on the wood hard enough. Or maybe it wasn't real wood. I have felt better not drinking my tap water. And I have moments of feeling close to normal. But the bad times are horrible. I am still so exhausted.

One another note, I have tired to give Helen most of my attention today and she has been a lot less whiney. Go figure. I knew that would be the result. Poor girl just doesn't understand why mommy is so sick all the time.

Well, I am going to rest now until Jake comes home from work.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

It May Be A Good Day!

Today I acctually feel pretty good. Knock on wood. And my apt is already picked-up, not clean, but I feel like I am in control. We or at least I had a good night - which follows:

  • We got Helen to bed last night at 8:30 - Wahoo!!
  • Then Jake and I played 3 games of Sequence - I think it is the only game I can win him every time.
  • I figured out one thing that is making me nausiated and putting a really bad taste in my mouth (more on that in a minute).
  • We went to bed at 10. - Finally somewhat normal.
  • Helen woke up @ 1 and I took care of her. She woke up again @ 1:30 and I made Jake go take care of her because she wanted him in the first place.
  • I brought Jake back to bed @ 2 because I was having horrible nightmares (poor man has to take care of both females in his life and their sleeping problems)
  • Helen woke up just after he got back in bed.
  • We both were so tired we just let her cry. I decided that if she cried longer than 5 minutes at a time I would get up.
  • SHE DIDN'T!!!
  • She woke up like every 20 or 30 minutes for a few of hours, but cried/wimpered herself back to sleep every time within a couple of minutes.
  • We didn't go get her the rest of the night.
  • I woke up feeling good enough to take a Zofran and go back to bed for a half hour instead of just wasting away until Helen woke up.
  • I woke up again feeling pretty good and showered. And I didn't have that awful taste in my mouth that I always do when I wake up and the nausea was significantly less.
The evil cause of the horrible taste in my mouth and subsquential nausea - water. At least our tap water. Even Jake was saying how it doesn't taste very good unless it is ice cold. Well, I have been leaving a cup of water by my bed to drink through the night to ward of dehydration, keep something in my stomach, and to have something to throw-up (much better than dry heaving). But it tastes awful. Funny that I have been drinking it to get the taste out of my mouth and last night it dawned on me that it was causing the taste in my mouth. So I drank my beloved apple juice before bed last night and didn't drink anything all night then drank some more juice with my Zofran in the morning. No nasty taste and a lot less nausea. Hmmm. Now I gotta figure out the water thing, because I still need water...but this may help me feel better sooner.

On with a good day!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Venturing Out

I am preparing to venture out of my apartment today. It will be the first time in 5 days. I haven't even gone out the door to check the mail. I have felt so-so all morning, but I showered and am saving the rest of my energy to go to the grocery store. I even put make-up on - only the 3rd time I've done that since Jake got home. I am losing my make-up applying skills. Last time I went to the grocery store everyone galked at me...probably because I looked like the Grim Reeper was following me through the store and I was going to collapse any second. At least that is what I felt like.

I am learning to have others serve me. I have always wanted to be on top of the world, ready to take on anything. And now, I just can't. I am so grateful for my family and friends that are taking care of me with dinners, taking Helen, and especially to my wonderful Dad who took sick leave to come down and do my dishes and laundry for a day. Thank you all. 7 more months to go. I am now thinking maybe I will try to make it that far.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

100% sanitized feet

After Helen was diagnosed with RSV I pulled out a brand new bottle of hand sanitizer. I don't use these much as they destroy my skin integrity and I'd rather just wash my hands. But seeing how we have way too many germs floating around here, thought it would be a good idea.

It was used a couple of times until last night. Then Helen found it. She thought it was "meer" - her word for lotion and rings. I was really sick in the recliner, and thought "sure, have it. It can't be as messy as lotion and it will just evaporate if she uses too much." Jake was at work, and I frankly was too sick to care about anything. If you don't believe me you should see my apartment. If this kept Helen busy for half the time until Jake came home it would be a super duper blessing for me.

45 minutes and half a bottle of hand sanitiser later, Jake walks in finding Helen sanitizing my feet for the hundreth time. She found it very thrilling to dab some on my feet and rub it around. What could I do?? Take her one found entertainment of the day and my new found break away? Heck, NO! I feel like crud and the poor girl thought she was getting "Mommy time". So I let her continue to santize my feet. Yeah for clean feet!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Slowly, but surely

I am slowly changing my blog. I haven't felt great this week. Helen has RSV and I am pretty sure I got it, that or a horrible cold. Jake is still down with his headache. What a glorious two weeks these have been. :/

Helen decided to make my Saturday morning start about 5 hours earlier than I wanted. Since she has been sick and needs some extra sleep anyway, I decided it was the perfect time to bump up her bedtime by a half hour. A half hour folks, that is all. Well, she decided to wake up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed 5 hours earlier than normal. She woke up at 4 am this morning. Jake had a nap yesterday and couldn't sleep at night so he had just gone to bed at 3:30. Because I don't feel good, I wake up easily. I was saying goodnight to Jake and rolling over to go back to sleep when Helen woke up. Since Jake was already awake and I didn't feel good he took her for an hour trying to get her to go back to sleep. At 5 I finally got up and told him to go to bed. I tried to get her to sleep for another hour and half. By this time I can hear the traffic outside starting, and dawn is peeking through our blinds ever so slightly. And I give up. I shut the bedroom door so Jake can sleep, turn on the lights, and get ready for a really long day. I put a movie in and start my day. Although there is not much to do when I don't have anything planned because I am sick.

It is Saturday morning for goodness sakes. Most people are sleeping in. And most people probably aren't sick. What in the world am I doing out of bed? I hope to someday teach my child the joys of sleeping in on a Saturday or anyday when you are sick.

And it is 7:12 and we are starting our first tantrum. great.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

There Is Nothing Quite Like....

having your 21-month-old mimick you throwing-up. Nothing.

Monday, February 2, 2009

How I have felt for the last few weeks...

This explains why I have been in a type of hiding and why I don't have the energy to change my blog or make the announcement in the cute way I had planned, and why the apartment is a mess, and Helen looks like a ragamuffin, and why Jake is being the greatest Mr. Mom, and well, everything.

I was barely holding it together until Jake came home. Then I lost all composure in many ways. At times I just lost it - including my lunch. Everyday has been progressivly worse. I know I am suppose to be thrilled and excited. But honestly folks, those feelings don't come for a very long time for me during a pregnancy. Right now my life cosists of making it to the next hour.

And any comments about what happens 9 months after a soldier comes home on leave would be appreciated if left alone...they all became really old like a year ago when Jake left.

I hate this feeling.

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