Wednesday, December 30, 2009

We Had A Very Merry One

This year Helen got the idea that Santa brings presents, but didn't really want anything to do with him.  She didn't want to go see him at the ward party and we weren't going to force it.  One day she asked me where her teapot (a ceramic one that had broken) had gone.  I told it was gone and she should ask Santa for a new one. At that moment she decided she wanted to see Santa.  As soon as Jake came home we headed to the mall.

She was really excited until we got about a yard from Santa.  Then she got scared.  But she was brave and told Santa that she'd like a teapot and Norah would like a star toy for Christmas.  This bravery only came as long as she was curled up on my lap and she was not facing Santa.

As soon as we said she could go she started to run.  Santa told her to come back and get a candy cane.  She picked one up out of the basket and tossed it back at Santa as if it was a token to the gods to make her wishes come true as she still faced away.  We had to tell her the candy was for her.  After we got home she was very excited again.

Christmas was spent at Jake's parents' home this year.  This may be our last Christmas with them before we move on to grad school or whatever life has in store for us after Jake's graduation.  For this reason we decided to take advantage of the holidays we do have with our families.  I made tons of candy - probably, okay not probably, but really over did it.  I made a rule for next year that I will only make 3 treats of some kind.  We went over Christmas Eve and had a fabulous dinner and hung out with the family and 2 of Brady's friends.  We did the traditional singing of hymns and reading of the Christmas scriptures.  Helen and Norah got the traditional present (pajamas) on Christmas Eve from Mommy & Daddy.  Then we slept over that night.

Christmas morning I had to convince Jake not to wake Helen up.  She definitely does not like to get up before she is ready (I reckon it is the Marble genes).  So Helen finally got up.  We were excited to see how she would react since this is her first Christmas to get what was going on.  What Jake &  I got was a completely unexpected reaction.  She was really concerned about who ate Santa's cookies and drank his milk.  When we said he did and the gave her some toys and left, she fell to the floor in a ball.  We think she was really upset that she didn't get to actually see Santa.  She spent a good 10 minutes in a ball on the floor and then after much coaxing we got her to look at the teapot Santa had brought her.

Christmas day was spent opening presents and hanging out.  Jake got a R/C helicopter.  He was given permission to open it once finals were done so he could spend his whole break playing with it.  Three days before Christmas he trimmed the trees (a.k.a. crashed) and it was non-flyable.  I told him to pay the extra shipping to get a few parts, but in the end he still didn't have all the parts he needed.  He did get to tinker with it and work on fixing it.  I got a wonderful present.  I was able to move up in rank from complete bachelor (w/ a wife and kids) apartment to a married student apt.  What this means is I got a couch.  A real one.  No more squeaky, broken futon.  Everyone can be excited.  I've seen all of you who've been to our apt before; it is the same with all who come.  They rush for grabs at the rocking chair.  Everyone hated that futon.  Not anymore. I have plenty of comfortable seating now.  I absolutely love it.  I can't bear to take the tags off in fear then it will not be new anymore.  Helen got a teapot and dishes and Norah got a star stacking toy from Santa.  Jake's parents gave us money ahead of Christmas and told us to surprise them as to what they gave us for Christmas.  Jake and I loved it.  Jake got helicopter parts from his parents and I got a photography class.  Hopefully I'll be able to take some better pictures for this blog and our photo albums.  I am so excited to start it in January.

The day after Christmas we packed up and headed to Idaho to spend some time with my family.  It was nice to spend some time with them.  I am especially in love the pan my parents' gave me for Christmas and can't wait to use it.

We've had a great Christmas.  We love our family and we love our Savior and grateful for this time of year to renew our love for Him.

p.s.  I don't have any pictures of the couch as of yet, but I will post some later.  When I get the motivation to get pictures ready for the blog.  Just before Christmas got in full swing Jake informed me that I have the shrinker software on my computer again and it has been on there about a month.  The one I use for my blogging and have been asking for since he fixed my computer.  So now it is up to me to get on the ball.

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