Thursday, December 10, 2009


So our new little Norah has already been to the opthamologist. On Monday she was fussy beyond normal before bed but we got her to sleep.

Then on Tuesday I got Jake to help me set up the crib in the morning.  After we got the crib set up, I left Norah in her bumbo seat and Helen playing in the room while Jake went to get the car warming to leave and I went to go start a load of laundry (always throwing a load with Helen's jammies in). Helen was playing with Norah's hands as I left the room.

When I came back Norah was fussy. I figured, since it was her normal nap time, she was just overly annoyed by Helen shaking her hands. I picked her up and she started her pain cry (aka death shrieking). I couldn't figure out what was wrong. Jake came in after a few minutes to see what was going on too. I noticed one of Norah's eyes was redder and more teary than the other. Jake and I both tried to ask Helen calmly (so she wouldn't be scared and would tell the truth) if she had touched Norah's eyes. She said yes and no. All answers were indefinite. I decided that Norah was hungry and really tired. I gave her a bottle and after a few ounces she settled down and got dosey. I put her down in the crib. She woke up a couple of times and whimpered like normal during a long nap, but put herself back to sleep.

A couple of hours later, Jake had come home to get Helen and take her sledding. As I was dressing Helen, Jake got Norah up. He was holding her and said, "Ya that one eye does look more red than the other still. Maybe there is something in it." He couldn't find anything. Just as they were leaving out the door and I was holding Norah now, I saw something in her eye. It looked kinda like a weird bubble. I thought of a time my mom pulled on her eye when having a allergic reaction to our cat.  She had thought it was a contact but it was a bubble on her eye that she actually pulled.  I decided to try and see if it was something that would come out though.

Sure enough I wiped out a bunch of eye junk and piece of what looks like a centimeter of slightly twisted plastic used to hold tags on clothes. Ouch! I don't know how it got there. I doubt it was Helen. But within 10 seconds that I pulled it out Norah's eye started looking better and she became happier. Imagine that. Maybe she rolled her eye on the ground during tummy time. I don't know, I'm just glad I got it out.  Here it is so you can see the size.  No wonder the poor little thing was in pain.

So, then on Wednesday morning we hauled her into the opthamologist just to check her cornea and make sure we didn't need to be on antibiotics for an infection.  Everything checked out fine.  When Norah sneezed out that dye they used to test her eye it was pretty astounding as it was florescent yellow.  Now I am paranoid about any little thing on the floor.

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