Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Fun Candy Turkey Place Settings & Thanksgiving

When I was a kid, I remember making these for a Thanksgiving where we invited some other families to our home.  I know one family was in our ward but originally from Brazil.

This year we made them with our Activity Day girls.  I put together one afterward for a try at a tutorial.  Problem being I didn't get around to making it until after Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving this year was spent with my family in Jackson Hole, WY.  We went up the night before and had pizza and then went swimming at the hotel.  Jake even got me to swim not only under water, but under a partition that led to the outside part of the pool.  It was so cold!  Jake would get out and do push-ups then jump back in the water.  What a way to prove his manhood!?!  I thought he was crazy.  Helen loved swimming as usual.  She didn't even notice how cold the water was.  She was turning a purplish shade of blue but we still couldn't convince her to stick at least her feet in the hot tub for a minute.  I finally took her into the sauna.  I know that isn't good for kids, but she really needed to warm up and I went in with her just until her color would come back to a normal shade.  After we all got showered we played games until we too tired to stay awake any longer.  The next day we had a nice lunch at the restaurant in the Snow King resort.

I am so thankful for my family and the time I get to spend with them.  These times are fewer and farther between now that Jake is back home and I have more commitments to stay home.

So onto the tutorial.  You can save this idea for next year!  See you are already ahead for the holidays.

Here are the supplies you need for 1 Turkey

10" x 10" brown netting
1/2 cup Candy Corn
1.5" brown pipe cleaner
1 flare section of wavy pipe cleaner
3/4" red pipe cleaner
2 googly eyes
3 Feathers
Elmer's glue

1. Make the body by putting the candy corn in the netting and tightly closing it off with the brown pipe cleaner.  Make sure the body netting is tight and not loose.

2.  Tilt the extra netting toward the back.  This will become part of the tail.

3.  Now make the head.  Take the flared pipe cleaner and bend in the shorter side (side flare is closest to).  Round it like a head and then bend the red pipe cleaner in half to make the gobbler.  Attach by twisting onto the bottom of the curve.  Then attach the eyes with Elmer's glue.

4.  Glue the 3 feathers into the tail area.

5. Attach the head to the body by pushing it into the front of the body and  adding some Elmer's glue where the tip meets the netting.  Wa-la!  You have a candy turkey to place with name cards or on a plate for a wonderful Thanksgiving place setting.

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