Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Fast Sundaes

Back in August when we lost our bag in Park City, we also lost one of our favorite card games inside of the bag.    I have searched all over for it, but I am asking you for help to broaden our search.  It is an LDS card game called "Fast Sundaes".  It has a yellow box with a cartoon of an ice cream sundae on the front.  I found our original copy at Seagull Book.  I had also seen it at Deseret Book and Walmart in the LDS book section.  I have checked all these places and online, but can't seem to find a copy.  If you would please look in your area for a lonely copy of this game I would greatly appreciate it.  It may also be in BYU bookstores.  Just leave a comment  on this post if you have found it.  I will pay you back and reward you with real ice-cream sundaes.  See there is something in it for you.


HeidiPie said...


HeidiPie said...

Here's another one for you!

Cheri said...


Aimee said...

So I must be a lame internet searcher. I have done at least 20 different google searches for this game and came up with nothin'. Now I have 3 resources to go to. Thanks Heidi and Mom!

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