Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Clear your plate, please

Funny moment from the life of Helen today:

We are trying to teach Helen that she can't get up from the table until she is done with her meal.  We have tried the threat method.  Doesn't really work.  So today I gave her one chance to get back up to the table.  The next time she got down I simply asked her to bring her dishes to the counter.  While my back was turned as I was loading the dishwasher, she brought her plate over.  I quickly turned to see where she put the two half-eaten sandwich quarters and her apple slices I had just seen on her plate.  Could she really have put them in the trash?  Nope.  She simply took all her food off her plate and put it on the table.  She then got up to the table and continued to eat.  When she said she was done I asked her to put the rest of her food in the trash.  She started with the apples, but by the time she got to the trash she had all the apples in her mouth.  She looked at her empty hands and went back to get her sandwich remnants.

On another note, today Helen told me she didn't want to go see Santa Claus.  She just wants to see Rudolph.  Go Figure.  Jake thought that was cool.  I told him to go find Ruldoph cause he probably won't be at the mall.


Bridgette said...

She sure has a personality doesn't she? How fun!

Amanda J said...

Ha ha that is so funny!

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