Saturday, November 7, 2009


This last weekend was quite a busy one for us.  The girls were chickens for Halloween.  I absolutely loved their costumes, and felt quite proud of the one I made for Norah.  She hated it, but this is what we do as parents right?  Helen was nervous about saying "Trick or Treat", but was eager to hold up her bag to each stop at the ward trunk-or-treat.

See what I mean.  I think she was the cutest chicken of all Halloween Day.

It was also Jake's birthday.  My parents were nice enough to take Helen and Norah for the evening so Jake and I could go on a date.  We went to Olive Garden, and then just drove around talking and stopped by Borders for awhile.  May sound dull to some, but it was so nice just to be able to talk and be alone for awhile.

Then on Sunday, Norah was blessed in church with a breakfast following at Jake's parents' house.  She is a doll and we are so happy to have this sweet child in our lives.  Whenever I hold her I feel heaven so close.

It was also the first time we have had both of Jake and I's immediate families all together.

Here is Grandma Nani (my Mom) with all of her grandkids + a baby doll.  This and the next picture were really hard to get because Helen was being a stinker that day.

And here is Nana (Jake's Mom) with both of her grandkids.

Phew.  It was a busy weekend.

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