Sunday, October 4, 2009

Soooo Helpful

Two-year-old princesses are sooooo helpful. Helen has been great about having Norah around. Helen loves her to bits (sometimes to the point of smothering). She is really great about helping and fetching things to help with Norah. Of course there is the occasional "let me hold/push the pacifier in your mouth really tight" or the "I am helping feed Norah by shoving bottle nipple into the inside of her cheek". Norah is so patient with Helen and very rarely cries when Helen is a little too forceful (maybe it's because Norah doesn't know any different). These below though are a menagerie of the times Helen has gone above and beyond:

  1. Helen may be the only 2-year-old who asks "You need to pump, Mommy??", knows how to put all the breast pump pieces together, turn it on, and tell me she needs to put it on {mommy} and hold it there...I drew the line after the machine was turned on, thank you very much, Helen, I can manage the last two steps on my own.

  2. Going along with #1, two nights ago, she did her get-the-pump-ready-for-mommy routine, and I just started pumping without checking the machine. She had turned it on to max strength. I ended up quiting early because I was so sore and couldn't figure out why until I went to turn the machine off. Yowzers!

  3. Last night I left the living room to go get Norah's bottle that was warming up in the kitchen. When I returned Norah was no longer in the rocking chair. Helen had lifted Norah out of the rocking chair and was carrying her over to the bouncer on the other side of the living room. Yikes! I about flipped out as I see Norah's head bobbling all over. I didn't flip out, but kindly thanked Helen for her help and asked her to let mommy carry Norah next time because she is so heavy for Helen. Funny how some little things are "too heavy" for Helen to carry around, but not one word was said about how heavy Norah was. She carried her a good 8+ feet.

  4. Helen shows her love to Norah by giving Norah's things to her. It has been common in the last week and half to see toys, pacifiers, clothes, etc. all lined up next to where Norah is laying or in her bassinet. Yesterday afternoon, Helen started piling up even her own possessions. Norah must have needed everything that had been on the floor. Here is a picture of the aftermath. All the big stuff is on top, so you can't see all the tiny toys and pacifiers that were the first gifts/offerings. Norah slept through this instance. Irescued her right after I took the picture.

We love you, Helen. She really is a great help and a wonderful sister. I love laughing at the funny things she does.


Amanda J said...

That is so sweet that she wants to help so much!!

Keri said...

I laughed and laughed after I read what helen did to your pump (turning on full suction!)! I hope you're feeling less sore! The older children are so funny!! What a cutie!

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