Thursday, October 15, 2009

Saturday's Post Updated with Pictures

To those of you who really wanted to see Helen's dress-up fashion show, I finally was able to load the pictures to this post. I know..what am I doing loading pictures to a blog when I've been up since 4am and both girls are sleeping. I should be sleeping too. But by the time
I woke up,
took Helen's temp,
administered meds,
got her to drink some water,
made Norah a bottle,
fed Norah,
burped Norah,
changed Norah's diaper,
made Norah another bottle to help get rid of hiccups,
let Norah's fierce hiccups stop on their own,
took Norah's temp,
and finally got Norah to bed,
I was wide awake and had to find something to wind down with.
I am now tired again, but alas it is morning now and Norah is waking up.
Enjoy the pictures.

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