Saturday, October 17, 2009

Saturday Evening Post

So this week started out with Jake and I thinking Norah had entered a colic stage. Sunday night was hard. Monday we noticed there were very few, actually no messy diapers since lunchtime on Sunday. Norah had drank more formula lately, but going from 7 or 8 messy diapers a day to none in a 22 hour period could be painful. We called the doctor office and then started to give her Karo syrup. Sure enough a little while later an explosion happened...and just so happened when Jake was taking care of her...hehehe :). Don't worry, she made up for it Friday night and did a fountain poop while I was changing her and the arch of liquid poo landed on me.

Wednesday warranted it's own post.

Friday I came down with symptoms similar to Helen and they put me on Tamiflu just because we have a newborn in the house. I am doing fine now other than being exhausted and having a mild headache...both of which could have other causes. Helen still has a cough.

Had a nice, albeit short, visit with my mom who stopped by bearing gifts for the sick and afflicted. Helen loves her new sick masks with Mickey Mouse that Grandma picked up at the hospital. Yes, Mom after you left, Helen decided to actually wear one. And had me wear one too.

And that has pretty much been our week.

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