Saturday, October 10, 2009

Saturday Evening Post

A brief (except Mon & Tues & Sat) review of our week:

Sunday - There is nothing better than Sunday conference on a rainy day with hot chocolate, a sleepy baby, and a for-the-most-part minding and happy toddler.

Monday - Tried to take both girls out by myself (I went last week, but we never got out of the car, we were just dropping socks off to Jake so this time was the first real time). Our goal: buy diaper pins at K-Mart and then take Norah's baby announcements at Jake's parents house. We accomplished our goals but with some tragedy in the middle.

Getting into K-Mart and shopping resulted in no problems. When we went to leave the problems started. I am new to the whole baby carrier thing. Not sure it is my thing yet. I got Helen out of the cart and then expected to just lift the carrier off the cart and go. Well it stuck on one corner. As I am trying desperately to detach my infant from the K-Mart cart Helen proceeds to walk outside by herself. In my frantic mode I couldn't figure out whether to leave Norah or let Helen be outside by herself near a road and possibility of being kidnapped. I know. Think, Aimee. I really do have a college degree. Helen went for the little horse ride and I could see her through the window so I wasn't as afraid of the cars hitting her, but she could be taken. All the meanwhile I am struggling with the dang carrier

and the cart while 3 K-Mart employees are staring at me. Ugh. Then it dawns on me to take the dang K-Mart cart outside to where Helen is. I know. Duh, Aimee. I'll insert here that is now snowing outside and cold.

So I go out there, and after a few more tugs, I decide to bend down and look for what is catching. Hahaha - it is the latch that holds it into the base and onto the cart. I just have to pull the release latch. Like I said the carrier thing is new to me. So I easily release Norah and tell Helen we have to go. She minds very quickly and gets off the horse. Yea!, this incident is over and we can get to the warm car. Then as Helen is stepping off the platform she slips and face plants onto the cement. I set Norah down on the ground by me and scraped Helen off the sidewalk. I get her on her feet grab the carrier and Helen's hand (Helen is still crying like the world is ending) and head to the car. The whole way I told Helen getting warm in the car will help her feel better. Warm is comforting and that take s away owies, right? We all recovered, and Helen's bump on her forehead didn't last too many days. I swore I would never take both girls out again.

Baby announcement pictures went okay. Here are some pictures of Helen's fashion show. Can't show you the pics of Norah until the baby announcements are sent. There is a mirror to the right (Helen's left) - that is what she is looking at.

Tuesday - To catch you up on this post if you don't tweet here is what I tweeted about it earlier:
  • Jake found mouse in apt this morning. Caught it once, but it escaped. Still haven't found it. from web

  • Needless to say I had overwhelming urge to clean out food cupboards & organize. I was planning to save this project until after baby came. from web

  • I am now worn out & overwhelmed. My once clean & ready-for-baby apt is torn all apart. Ugh. Sigh. from web

  • Apt put back together. Mostly. from web

But still no mouse caught.
So for a little over two weeks, we listened to the mouse chew the cupboards near the stove and heard him under our bed. He was spotted once when I saw him from across the apartment when I was feeding Norah and Jake saw him once hiding in under a pillow on the floor in our room. Jake named him Mikey.


Mer said...

OH Aimee. I feel you. We're on the road now and won't be back until November 1st, but then I'll bring you a few things that helped me juggle the babies without resorting to duct tape or needing to adjust my sanity medication.

It does get better. Promise.

Amanda J said...

Yes, it does get better! I promise! I used to do all of my shopping after the kids went to bed or made Ben stay home while one slept until Lilly was almost 1. Ben used to run errands for me on his way to and from work too. That helped a lot.

Amanda J said...

Cute pictures!

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