Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Mending, Sewing, & a Food Product New(ish)Favorite

I just found a picture of some things I wanted to blog about.  One was I pulled out my machine and did some mending...a long time ago.  But I love my machine so here's the ode to it.

Then right before Norah came, I finished these covers for the diaper changing table.  I was so proud that I made the pattern myself.  I know it isn't that hard, but some things I have tried haven't turned out.  I forgot to take a picture I have of the other one.  I made two so I can switch them out while laundering.  The best part is the inside is a water-proof sheet I cut up and lined them with.  I really like them.

And last of all for this random post, my new favorite product.  When I was in New Zealand as a missionary I fell in love with a pear-rhubarb yogurt.  No one made anything of the sort here in the U.S. - at least not that I could find.  Then I found these in the store last week.  I bought 6 right there on the spot.  I don't find many products where pear is the featured ingredient.  It is always the back filler flavor.  They aren't quite the same as the New Zealand brand, but I may be missing the rhubarb and all dairy tastes different in New Zealand.  I love yogurt and it now has become a real treat.  If I have it in the house, Helen will eat 10 a day.  Since I don't have to help her open them anymore, she'll have them all open without me even knowing.

Pear Yogurt, YUM!

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