Monday, October 19, 2009

For Today

For Today
Monday 19 October 2009

Outside my window:
Beautiful sunshine

I am thinking:
About my new book purchase...I'll post when I get 'em.
& about everything going on this week

I am thankful for:
A husband who saw I was struggling last night (much due to my idiotic nature) and did the dishes and helped me with the kids

From the learning rooms:
Jake wants me to take up reading O'Henry and I'm thinking about learning to crochet again

From the kitchen:
Last night I made Spaghetti with Artichoke Hearts and Tomatoes from Pioneer Woman. Delish. A new favorite and a keeper recipe in our family for sure!

I am wearing:
Athletic shoes, jeans, mustard color t-shirt, and green bracelet

I am creating:
An activity list for Helen and I to stay sane during the winter months to come

I am going:
To finish making Norah officially alive tomorrow. We have her birth certificate and social security card, but she is not official with the insurance speaking she is still not official.

I am reading:
Not much...going to pick up a new book this week

I am hoping:
The girls don't get sick with all the company we are expecting over for a day in a couple of weeks

I am hearing:
Norah's teddy bear that makes womb sounds

Around the house:
Mainly seeing the dirty dishes from my point of view

One of my favorite things:
Butter and honey on toast

A few plans for rest of the week:
Activity days & Norah's 1 month baby pictures


Megan said...

I got the birth announcement for Norah, very cute. Thanks!

Rachel and Brian said...

so how do you know the gouglers? I saw a link to your blog through Keri's! how fun, such a small world!

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