Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A good laugh to start the day

Link to Funny Video.
Hahaha. I can laugh - I'm the one who gave my mom phone messages during my c-section, and I was even coherent on what was going on around me with no fuzz.

And now I am off to get ready to go see the doctor about removal of a large growth in my abdomen.... okay that sounds really impersonal and is not really how I feel about the baby, but I am starting to think of trampolines, motorcycles, and bungee jumping.


Amber said...

I was wondering if you had your baby yet. Sorry. You have all of my sympathy. I am only 6 months along, but I feel your pain. Hopefully we can stop by and see your new bundle of joy before we move to California :)

Bridgette said...

Let us know as soon as she gets here!

Mer said...

I hope this long silence is a productive one. For your sake.

Fingers crossed!!!

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