Saturday, August 22, 2009

Park City

We just got back from Park City and had a great time. It was really nice to get away for a week. My parents have a time share down there so we met them at the beginning of the week and then Tyler and his family met us for the weekend. Jake and Helen loved going down the Alpine slide. Helen also enjoyed the other kiddo rides, and cried when they stopped and she had to get off. I didn't go on any rides due to being near the end of my pregnancy, although I did go on the Merry-go-round once with Helen. My favorite part of the vacation was just being with my family, especially my parents. I also enjoyed wandering around the farmer's market.

The funniest moments of the trip came from Helen. On Wednesday we drove to Mirror Lake. None of us brought warm clothes or jackets. We were eating lunch on a picnic table on the banks of the lake, and we were all freezing in the wind and talking about how cold we were. Helen piped up and said, "Let's get out of here." Hahahaha.

Then last night Jake and I were entertaining Helen and her nephews. We didn't have any little kids' books there so we were resorting to looking through one of my dad's farming magazines with them. Anytime we found a picture of something they would recognize they would identify it and then sing a song about it. We sang about all kinds of stuff. But we couldn't think of a song about cows. Jake started making up an impromptu song about my dad's dexters. One nephew chuckled a little bit. I was laughing because Jake makes up songs all the time. My mom just kept looking at him weird. But the best was when Helen looked at Jake and then said, "STOP! Stop. stop." Then she did this curled up bashful reaction that she gets when she is embarressed.

Anyhow we had a great time. Thanks Mom & Dad for having us. We love you. On the way home Jake and I were talking about what/when our next trip/vacation would be. There was no conclusive answer. With Jake starting school on Monday and baby sister coming, I think it will be Thanksgiving.

p.s. I'd love to share photos of the week, but my camera is in the bag that went missing between the condo and the car. I think someone swiped it. I don't know how. It must have happened as I pulled the cart instead of pushing it for a moment. Hope they enjoy toddler clothes & tennis shoes, cool sun hats, sunscreen, half-used infant medications, family card games, my camera, and a baby gift, and the brand new nursing bras I bought at the outlets. I am still holding out hope that it fell off and someone will turn it in to the front desk. Please, oh, please.


Amanda J said...

Helen is so cute! It's funny that she was getting embarrassed. I don't think our kids have been embarrassed of us yet, but it will come I'm sure! I hope someone turns your bag in soon!

Stacia Cummings said...

I love Park City. Sorry about your stuff. What a bummer.

Cheri said...

The week was great because Dad and I spent it with the people we love very most. We are sorry about the bag --praying it will turn up. We love your family ---even the funny cow song singing man.

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