Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ringing In the Day

So sometime around 1:30 am, Jake and I started ringing in my 30th birthday with a tour of room #10 of the Women's Center at the Hospital. Not quite what I had in mind - sleeping would have been much much better. I had also planned on having a real tour of Women's Center - not the ER clerk escorting me to a maternity nurse. But hey, why not - unnormal birthday celebrations are a part of getting old right? - especially when pregnant?

Three hours later, they deemed me fine to go home. It was my intestines cramping and the mystery fluid was not amniotic fluid leaking. They said flu...I still say food poisoning. That is what I thought all along until the cramping became all over my tummy and the mystery fluid appeared. I am feeling mostly better today and Baby Sister is fine and moving around a lot.

The rest of my birthday festivities include a previously scheduled glucose tolerant test, blood draws, and my regular OB appointment. I think next time I plan not to be pregnant on my birthday...ya planned pregnancies - that is a novice idea. Hahaha.


Amanda J said...

Ha ha, we have yet to have a planned pregnancy!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I hope you did something a bit more fun for your birthday as well :)

Bridgette said...

Happy Birthday! Welcome to the thirty club. (Thirty and pregnant I guess.) I'm glad everything is okay with the baby. Sorry about your flu/food poisoning.

Maris said...

Happy Birthday. Sorry it was so rough for you. Live it up this weekend! I had a 6 day old for my 30th, I don't really remember it...At least yours is memorable, right?

Stacia Cummings said...

Scary. Glad everything was okay. Happy belated birthday.

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