Thursday, June 4, 2009

A REALLY busy week followed by a "lounging" week

Congratulations to
these fun newlyweds!!

Last week we had a really busy week on the Marble side of the family. Jake's brother married a very wonderful woman. So all week we were doing wedding preparations. I did the wedding flowers with some great help from my dad who brought the flowers down from Idaho - thanks a tons again, Dad!
Thursday was spent arranging flowers and attending the wedding dinner (BBQ). It was great fun. Ladybug (and all of Jackie's nieces and nephews and a few adults) loved the big blow-up toys - thanks again, Brady. I thought I got pictures of Ladybug on the slide, which was her favorite, but I didn't. :( She could climb up it and go down by herself and we only had a couple of minor bumps that she didn't like. The dinner was great fun and we all enjoyed the time.

The next day was the wedding. Ladybug didn't like getting up so early after going to bed so late. But once the reception got underway that evening with desserts and candy comparible to Willy Wonka's factory she was in heaven. Coming off that sugar rush on being over-tired from the weeks events - not so fun for either of us. We forgot to take any pictures at the reception. When Jackie and Keith get back, I'll have to see if I can get some from her family. It was a beautiful reception and a lovely way end a very busy week for all of us.

And on to this week. We are all lounging around again. Not by choice. We are all sick again. My goal is just to keep up on dishes today and drink plenty of fluids. I hate being sick. I hate being sick when Ladybug is sick too. Jake and I were talking about listening to the radio commercials and reading signs about washing hands to ward off sickness. Both of our thoughts are "If it were that easy. We are trying that and it is not working for us."

Hopefully this week passes quickly and we can get on to the other projects I've been working on and can post some more exciting things. Including the changes I am slowly and once again making to my blog.

p.s. Baby Sister now has a first name, but we are still deciding between 4 names for her middle name.


Cheri said...

Sooooo.......what is decided for the first name? Is everyone( Jake, Aimee & Helen) good with it? And will this new little girl love it? That's the hard name a baby and they don't even get a say what they are called for the rest of their life...They should get a name at 21 years old. :)

Amanda J said...

Yeah it would be so nice if washing your hands would keep you from getting sick! It hasn't worked well for us either. I hope you all feel better soon!

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